When we talk about Trang Province, what are the things we normally think of?... Some might think Roasted Pork with crispy skin, some may think of Dim-sum (dumpling), some will think about various types of cake with hole, some will imagine the beautiful sea at Koh Kradan and some might even think of underwater wedding....Well, I'm sure that for many people, several different kind of food would be one of the very first things that come into mind. And this explains why Trang Province is named a land of deliciousness.

Some called Trang province as the city of eating-lovers. People really love to eat. If we were saying that people could eat all 24 hours, it is not too exaggerated as we were proved to believe this as well from our trip this time.

This is not our first trip to Trang, but it is our first time to spend 7 days here. We have a chance to experience lifestyle of Trang local people from many different angle. Traveling during low season and non-holiday also allow us to feel Trang city in a very different travel dimension. Usually, when we travel to Trang during high season, we will definitely set forth to see the beautiful sea, and most of our times will be spent on various beautiful beaches. However, this trip is quite a different story. Due to the time we visited is the closing time for all marine national parks and it's raining and windy, so we were able to feel the beautiful, peaceful, simple, and 24-hours delicious Trang city.....

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Our main sponsor is Nok Air who files with smiles in every flight. There are 6 round trip flight daily from Bangkok-Trang and Trang--Bangkok, you can choose to fly at your most convenient time.

We choose to fly with DD7406 which departs Don Muang International Airport at 11.10 a.m.

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The fight time is not so long. It is approximately an hour and we already arrive at Trang Airport at 12.25 p.m. The atmosphere at the airport looks comfortable but according to the weather forecast, it seems like we are going to have rain everyday, but we are more than ready......

Thai Rent A Car, a car rental service is going to open the counter at Trang in August, so this time we use our friends' private car service.... Next time, we are definitely going to use Thai Rent A Car service.

Trang is coastal major city and has a long history. Trang was first established as a city by King Rama II who appointed Phra Upai Thani to be the first provincial governor and built city pillar shrine at Khuan Thani. Until when the King Rama V paid a visit to the south and saw that Trang city was deteriorated, the King then appointed Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahitsaraphakdi (Khaw Sim Bee Na Ranon) as the provincial governor who has eventually brought so much prosperity to Trang. He moved the city of Trang to Kantang District, mouth of Trang River by combining the city of Trang and Palian together and developed it into trading port. He also promoted for the rubber plantation to be first planted in Trang province.

Later on, King Rama VI saw that the location of the old downtown Trang, which is Kantang city, was not safe from the enemies nor was it situated at the center of the city. There's also many lowland area in which would easily get flooded. All of these factors resulted in difficulties to further expand the city. Therefore, the King was graciously pleased to move the downtown Trang to Tubtiang Sub-district, Bang Rak District which was the location of the Mueang Trang District till date. When there was bureaucratic structural reform in 1933, Trang city was also promoted to be the province since then.

Accommodation in Trang: Near Beaches

Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa Hotel is one of the first choices when we think about places to stay in Trang. I've always wanted to come here, but due to several reasons, I wasn't able to come until this trip that my wish finally comes true.

Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa Hotel is located right next to the sea, it is situated at Si Kao District.

Although this hotel has been built for many years ago, facilities and everything in the room is still beautiful and kept in good conditions.

If we were to wake up and see this view every morning, it could have been fantastic!

We spend 3 days ad 2 nights here with a lot of activities, please allow me to put up its full review later on.

While we are visiting, storm and rain continue to visit. But here, at Si Kao, rain will not last long. It rains and quickly stops...Soon the sun is out....and soon it rains again....It just keeps on repeating pattern like this.

Fortunately, the sun pays some visit to freshen up the day as well....

Thank you very much for all the good times at Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa.

: Accommodation in Town

Nok Hook House is a small lovely guesthouse locating at Tubtiang Sub-district, Mueang District, Trang Province. It shares the same owner as Sri Trang Hotel's.

It is quite popular among Thai and foreigners visitors.

The price is very affordable.

For dormitory room, it is 250 THB per bed.

For the private room, it is 500-550 THB per room.

There's not so many rooms in this guesthouse but all are very well and nicely organized.

: Accommodation near Train Station

Sri Trang Hotel is a historic and ancient hotel located near the train station. It is a pity that we didn't get to see inside, but I know for sure this it offers a very classical atmosphere. It is looking so chick already just by looking in from outside.

Mitree House Bed & Breakfast, another close to train station accommodation. The whole building was just undergone renovation.

Overall atmosphere is quite in contemporary style.

Not so many rooms to offer as well, it is approximately 500-1000 THB per room.

The Land of Food Paradise & Deliciousness

Trang is a land of deliciousness, if you were visiting Trang and not gaining weight back, it seems something has gone wrong.....haha...let's take a look together for what we two have been discovering as Trang deliciousness.

1. Trang Roasted Pork

It would be totally strange not to mention Trang Roasted Pork as it is considered a signature dish here. Trang Roasted Pork is very special and like no others. Sweet is a leading flavor. The Roasted Pork is crispy outside and tender inside. It was cooked by only found in Trang spices and then applied pure honey on the meat. They use the good size of pig, neither too big nor too small, and the whole pig will be roasted.

Trang Roasted Pork will be roasted on the specially designed for Trang Roasted Pork only stove. The origin of this special way of cooking and recipe could be traced back to a thousand years ago in China. During Tang dynasty, it was a total coincidence to discover such a dish. While the royal chef was cooking, a piece of pork has accidentally fell into the stove. When the meat was well cooked and the skin was smoked, the chef tasted and found out that the smell was good and it was crispy and delicious. Then he got an idea that cooking the pork by roasting could be more delicious than other ways of cooking.Hence, the chef presented this dish to the emperor and he loved it very much. As when the pork was properly roasted, the skin would turn into yellow like that of shinning gold, the emperor also named it golden pork. Trang Roasted Pork then can be said as an emperor level food.

About a century ago, the Chinese at Guangzhou Province which was close to the see, started to set off the ship in searching for the land on the south, which was Thailand. Some then migrated Thailand by getting up at Kantang District, or mouth of Trang River and settled down at Trang Province. Among this, Mr. Sun, one of the Chinese migrants from Guangzhou, was a very skillful man in roasting pork, the pork he roasted tasted mellow and its skin was crispy.

At that time, there was only one man who was capable of roasting pork. More importantly, from the book "Siam is our home", written by American missionary who lived in Trang, Mrs. Edna Bruner Buckley, wrote " At Trang, people raised pigs to their best, pork was named the best in the Far East land....people were taking care and feeding pigs so good that sometimes it was even better than taking care of their own children". This signifies that pigs at Trang must have been very healthy. Later on, when Mr. Sun was getting older, he trained the assistant. Roasting pork skills was, since then, widely learnt from generation to generation.

Trang Roasted Pork has unique taste that like no others, no dipping sauce is needed. Once you try it, the taste will long been in your mouth that you will easily fall in love with it. Now, it has gain country level popularity.

Currently, Trang Roasted Pork has been registered as a geographical indicator of Trang Province in order to protect local wisdom copyright. This is due to in the past, the Trang Roasted Pork has been copied and manipulated its reputation by taking its name to sell in other provinces while the taste and way of cooking has not been followed Trang's recipe. Consequently, this may stigmatize its name and create the lack of confidence to the consumers.

Roasted Pork Restaurant

Pong Ocha restaurant is a historical restaurant in Trang, it has been opened for over 30 years. Now, they operate in 2 branches. The first one is located at Phetkasem Road, it is close to Soi Huai Yot 3 and not so far from Trang Train Station. The second branch is situated at Soi Ploen Phitak.

In this restaurant, Roasted Pork seems to be more outstanding than Dim-sum (dumpling).

Roasted Pork will only be available in early morning and will be sold out in late morning.

Roasted Pork that has been applied with honey and is ready for further roasting.

It will be roasted until the skin is crispy and turn into this gold color.

We order one dish of Roasted Pork for tasting.

Crispy Skin

These Dim-sum, the restaurant will bring them all to us. But only the ones we have eaten will get charged.

Buabok restaurant is located right next to Pong Ocha, and the highlight here is also the Roasted Pork.

Yellow and Golden Roasted Pork

Generally, the price of roasted pork is somewhat similar everywhere.

Trang Roasted Pork Restaurant from Thammarint Thana Hotel.

Going straight along Huai Yot Road and before Soi Huai Yot 10, the restaurant will be on your left hand side. This restaurant is also quite famous for Roasted Pork menu.

Every restaurant is selling well on Roasted Pork dish.

And the last Roasted Pork recommendation is one of the restaurants in the market. We are getting a bit confused as of which one to choose among all these amazing ones.

In short, if you like any of them, to pre-order in advance is recommended. Otherwise, you might miss this local gift, like us.....

Traditional way of eating Roasted Pork is to eat with the long "Iew Ja Kuai" (the Chinese way of calling deep-fried dough like below photo). Now, most of restaurants have them available in short version only. The proper way to eat is to cut into its middle and put Roasted Pork inside, and then pouring the sauce as much as you like.

There's beliefs since the old days about eating Roasted Pork in the morning. One belief is that we will have a whole smooth day of working, everything will become as easy as a piece of cake. Another belief is that we should enjoy our breakfast like the way the emperor enjoys.

Now, there's only one shop that still sell the long Iew Ja Kuai, the rest are selling the short Iew Ja Kuai. So we need to come to buy it at Kun Chiang (pork sausage) shop like this.

This shop used to sell pork sausage in the old days, but now they stop and turn to offer morning coffee in Trang style which includes tea, coffee, Tae Tiam or Dim-Sum, Iew Ja Kuai, and porridge.

This is freshly fried, we call them "Iew Ja Kuai".

This is called “Pa Tong Go".

You can also enjoy Iew Ja Kuai with custard dipping sauce. Here, custard sauce in all restaurants is in its most natural color, no green nor orange custard sauce.

We can also enjoy Iew Ja Kuai with tea and coffee, but our truest purpose is to get Iew Ja Kuai to eat with Roasted Pork.

Let's end our meal with Fish Porridge.

The recipe has been passing through from one generation to the next.

2. Dim-sum Restaurants, Where do They Come From?

It all started when the trade was prosperous in Thailand, as we regarded it as the golden era of trading. China was also one of the countries that came to have trading relationship with Thailand. Some came for a short period of time while some came for long term settling. It is therefore not surprising that various cultures of China has been adapted to become local culture, particularly, food culture. For some food, it has become local famous dish, one of them is Dim-sum.

The legend of Dim-sum said that back in the days in China, a worker wanted to create a snack dish by taking flour to make dough and then kneading it into small one mouth pieces. In those days, due to it was a very new dish, this snack became so popular among villagers. This dish was so famous that the emperor summon up the worker to make this dish for him. The emperor was so pleased with this dish that he appointed that worker to become a royal chef. Thereafter, this dish was widely popular and people also have started to stuffing in different types of filling.

Another legend said that, in those days, the caravan often traveled along the silk road and stopped by at the tea shop along the road. In addition to tea, they also ordered some other snacks to go with. So the tea shop owners have got to think of more snacks to serve them and therefore Dim-sum was originated. And from there on, it became very popular till date

The lifestyle of Trang people today is still similar to the old times when the rubber planters started the work after midnight for rubber tapping activity until early morning. This includes the Chinese born Thai merchants who also finished trading activities early morning in the market. They are all happily enjoying their breakfast together, some are talking about rubber price, some are just chit chat, it is like a Coffee House.

For breakfast, most restaurants will serve Dim-sum, Roasted Pork, porridge, and coffee. All 3 Trang Roasted Pork restaurants above also serve Dim-sum, however, we also have more of Dim-sum restaurants to recommend.

Ruan Thai Dim Sum

This restaurant is very famous in Trang, anyone visited Trang will know it. If we miss to come here, then we have missed a great deal.

Location: Phloen Pitak Road (opposite to Ford showroom Trang), Mueang Trang District, Trang 92000

Home Made Dim-sum, offers in a great variety set.

So much of them!

Thin Dough & Much Stuffing

This restaurant will steam upon receiving orders. I really like it. I prefer this way over the one that have already been all steamed and take to us for choosing....This restaurant is very delicious.

Lay Trang 2 Restaurant

In the morning, the restaurant will offer Dim-sum and in the evening will be a la carte menu, local food, seafood, and Chinese food. All food are freshly made and they are very clean. The owner of the restaurant is the chief of the villages and also the owner of the resort at Pak Meng, so they've got fresh seafood daily from Pak Meng.

Location: Sai Ngam Road, around old market and close to Ratchadamnoen Hospital, Mueang District, Trang

Trang... The Land of Deliciousness

Of course, Trang Roasted Pork would be available as well.

But what is exceptionally greater than everything else is Shell Rolls Super Crab (I named it myself).

A piece for 50 THB but so rich in crab meat!

Kuay Tiew Lord (Steamed Rice Noddle with Stuffing) is also freshly made, from steaming dough, stuffing in, making a roll, cutting into pieces, and watering it...

This is the look of final product.

And another very delicious dish is Snow Taro or Sweet Taro.....Although it's a bit long wait, it's totally worth the wait.

And one last menu that we've got to taste before everyone else is Miang Kham. The only different is that, here, coconuts will be directly mixed with the dipping sauce.

Thank you very much for Lay Trang 2 Restaurant

3. Kanom Jeen (Rice Noodle)

Apart from having Dim-sum and Roasted Pork as breakfast, Kanom Jeen is another good choice which has also long been associated with Trang local lifestyle and Southerners in general. It is easy to find, quickly to eat in an affordable price. Besides, a set of vegetables and side dish is also provided. It is so good that you can enjoy without being bored.

Kanom Jeen Shop in front of Kuan Khan Temple

This shop is only set up as a temporary tent but the taste is so good. It is so soft to the tongue, and there's unlimited filling for Kaeng Tai Pla (Southern Curry).....But we have to come early·as it will be all gone by 9 a.m.

I'm not sure if there's a name for this restaurant, I only know that the owner name is Aunt Nee.

Here, Namya Kati (Fish Curry Sauce) and Namya Pa Namprik (Chili Fish Curry Sauce) are available for 20 THB per dish.

Vegetables, boiled eggs and Kaeng Tai Pla are placed on the table for unlimited filling. Vegetables and Kaeng Tai Pla are free of charge but boiled eggs are not for free.

Another great dish is Khao Yum (Rice Salad), very delicious.

Kanom Jeen Khun Poom Restaurant

I would rather call it Kanom Jeen Big Heart Restaurant as this restaurant gives you only the rice noodle from their end, as for curry, you can put it yourself, as much as you like. For whatever you eat, you also calculate and pay it yourself. I have to say, they really have a high trust for their customers.

Location: 73/7, Vien Kapang Road, Municipality of Trang, close to Kapang Surin Swimming Pool and Trang Provincial Park

Deep fried chicken and vegetables are also available. You can eat all what you like and pay it. I especially love bamboo shoot in coconut milk as the side dish.

Fish in Keang Tai Pla is so big and the chicken meat is also a lot in chicken curry. So we ask Khun Poom whether it's worthy to let customers scoop curry themselves and Khun Poom answers " people can eat just enough to full....."

Both of these Kanoom Jeen restaurants give us equal impression.

4. Khao Yum (Rice Salad)

This is another southern local food that Southerners love for breakfast or lunch. Khao Yum is a healthy food. While it gives variety of nutrition, the calories is relatively low. It is a perfect dish for someone who is on diet. All vegetables in Khao Yum are fresh and have yet been processed, so we can fully get the vitamins in them. Besides, Khao Yum also offers minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and high fiber, which is very helpful for digesting system to work normal. Apart from Khao Yum menu at Kanom Jeen shop in front of Kuan Khan Temple that we've got to taste, there's another most famous restaurant in Trang. It is....

Khao Yum Tang Luek Restaurant (Literally means alternative rice salad restaurant)

This Tang Luek or Alternative restaurant is a healthy food restaurant in Trang. The owner is a former nurse who is very interested in healthy food. Khao Yum Tang Luek is an authentic Southern food. The ingredients include brown rice that was cooked with Bai Yo (Morinda citrifolia) and shredded herbal leaves like Bai Yo, Piper sarmentosum leaves, turmeric, skunkvine, young kaffir lime, lemongrass and long bean. Then it will be sprinkling with toasted coconut, ground dried shrimp, ground toasted black sesame and chili powder. All these ingredients are cut and ground by the restaurant.

As for the sour taste in Khao Yum, it is coming from pomelo or Bilimbi, it also comes from green sour mango or lime. Then it will be topped with Budu sauce. Once we eat it, we will smell all different types of Thai herbs and Budu sauce. And the more we chew, the more delicious it becomes. It is also very good for health.

Location : Phloen Pitak Road , close to triangle junction of Kudiyaram Temple at the Municipality of Trang

5. Kao Yook Pork or Kao Yok

This name is called by Chinese born Thai people, it is considered to be a dish that Chinese loves to cook on the special occasion like wedding, funeral, and ancestors worshiping festival. In the past, if this dish was presented on the table for any occasion, the host family was considered to be wealthy. This is because the Kao Yook Pork was a difficult dish to cook. It was time consuming and needed to cook in a big pan with many people so it could somewhat reflect the economic condition of the host. Due to it was a special dish, the way of cooking was also extraordinary. It also required 2 days to cook.

See Fah restaurant is the one that several people recommend for this dish, but due to we are having super tight schedule, so we are unable to manage to go. However, we are able to see it at one of the congee restaurant which is sufficient to give us the image and the taste of Kao Yook Pork.

Kim Restaurant, Rice Congee Restaurant

Location: Kantang Road

This is how Kao Yook Pork looks like.

As for the taste, in the leading flavor of bean curds, it is the mixture of salty and sweet, quite a very unique taste.

Overall, the taste is quite delicious.

6. Pia Taro Cake

This is another snack of Trang that we should not miss to bring home. It is a famous product originated by Hong Kong recipe and has been passing down generations after the other until the current generation.

Pia Cake Soi 9 Shop was opened by Khun Emorn Iamsri, who resigned from the Pia Cake cooker at the Yim Pia Cake of Thammarint Thana Hotel a decade ago. She then started her own business and has been operating for more than 10 years. It is very much recognized by many consumers both domestically and internationally.

Location: Soi Huai Yot 9, Na Ta Luang, Mueang Trang, Trang 92000

It is very delicious and popular. Some times, if we failed to order in advance, we might not be able to get one.

Other products are also available.

In fact, Richy Shop is the first shop that introduces Pia Taro Cake of Trang to us, even before Pia Cake Soi 9 Shop. It was our first try at the Tang airport, we were so in love with the taste and long for it for sometimes.

Location: Ratsada Uthit Road (between Soi Ratsada 5 and 7) Tubtiang, Mueang Trang, Trang 92000

Now, let's talk about Pia Taro Cake.

We get a chance to see the production in the factory.

We also have got a chance to try to make it.

It must have taken quite a skill in order to wrap without breaking them.

This kind of Pia cake will need to be fried. And eating while it's hot is the most delicious moment.

At Richy, there's also many other cool things, but please allow me to keep moving on for now.

7.Tea Shop

This tea shop is named Go Jaeng.

Location: Now, the shop has been closed down due to the landlord claimed back the land, so Go Jaeng is in the process of finding new location to reopen the shop. The shop is highly recommended by Trang local people, they said that we must not miss to visit. At first, we were a bit puzzled why local people insist for us to go so badly even though the shop is closing down. The local asked Go Jaeng to temporarily open it for us and he is also very kind to let us in. This door will only welcome the guests whom Go Jaeng really wanted to welcome, there's possibility that some people might come and Go Jaeng may simply said that the shop is closed.

.....The happiness lays at whom you are making tea for......

Go Jaeng serves tea to suit personality of each person. The closer you are to Go Jaeng, he will have the special glass just for you. This is somewhat an Indy tea shop. For those who know Go Jaeng well, they also well know that, the best part of this tea shop is the 'tea' serves by Go Jaeng.

There are various kinds of tea available like black tea, mint tea....and many more. You are most welcome to ask him about any tea knowledge... If you are having some problem, such as insomnia or cannot sleep, Go can make some tea for you to drink.....Go Jaeng is indeed a " tea doctor".

When slowly sipping chamomile tea and followed by black tea, back and forth as instructed, the tea taste is clearly felt in the mouth. It is sweet and lingering in our neck. The different of temperature, age of tea and the taste in our mouth is just so a special taste. Here, the word "skillful" is more obvious than everything else.

Go Jeang told us that he used to live in Japan for some times and once he returned, he read a lot of tea books and eventually it becomes his love. So he decided to open the tea shop. The prices started at 10 THB per glass, and now 15 years later, the price has gone up to 15 THB per glass and 30 THB per teapot, not more than this. In addition to tea, the shop also serves good coffee brewed by siphon machine for coffee lovers.

Making tea is like an art, it needs the right mind and the right time. If you were coming and the door was closed, please revisit again. Go Jaeng said that "today his happiness is not how much he could sell, but it lays at whom he has served tea to."

No matter how much I describe about this shop, I think it's still not enough like the feeling when we get a chance to have Go Jaeng making tea for us.....This is just the happiness on the simplest, and most relaxing moment.

This shop is a place where is has welcomed more people to sit than Starbucks.

The fruit tea of Go Jaeng is exceptionally great. Various kinds of fruits shine their smell that I thought would 30 THB per teapot enough for all these fruits?

Iced-tea is also available.

Thank you very much all for making our tea time with Go Jaeng possible. We are looking forward to the day Go Jaeng officially open his tea shop again.

8.Coffee Shop

Trang... is a city that can still well-kept its traditional lifestyle and identity. We can still easily see the traditional coffee shop in Trang.

The specialty of coffee shop is not only for drinking coffee, but it's also the source of information within the community. Back in the days where there was no TV, to receive the information, especially those in relation to the rubber price would need to be obtained from the radio. So, the rubber buying shop stayed side by side with coffee shop.

In addition to the the main topic of the rubber price, the local people also talked about community issues, economy, society, and daily life issues as well as politics.

The coffee shop owner played the most vital role as he/she would circulate the information to every customers who stopping by and those who stopped by also left some piece of information for further circulation.

Therefore, it is no wonder why the coffee shop became a source of community information. In the old days, blackboard was also there for news like wedding, ordainment, funeral, or even a series set of the won lottery numbers. Hence,this blackboard was never been empty from writing. Nowadays, we will see the funeral poster hanging on the pole in front of the coffee shop. We will be quickly informed of who died, how many days of ceremony. And on this pole different posters will also get circulated indefinitely. This Thai way of life will be continued.

Today, coffee shops in Trang offer various style like the classic or contemporary ones. This shows that coffee shop is indeed a part of Trang lifestyle.

Clan Wan Shop .... If you wish to see the old things and listen to the old stories, this shop is a must.

Location: Kantang Road, at the intersection between the old and the new market

Uncle Kaew, the owner, is lovely and very friendly. This shop is so classic!

These antique things, if you are interested, you can also make a purchase.

While sipping our coffee, we can also enjoy the cake with a hole of Trang. The shop is open from the late evening to about 10 p.m.

Grey 18 Cafe, a coffee shop for a new generation

Location: 235/6, Visetkul Road, Tubtiang, Trang

Good Atmosphere, Very Spacious, So Seatable!

Snacks and beverages are delicious and refreshing.

It is really delicious but we have to stop as we still have a long queue for tasting, hahaha.

Another shop is called Tonkla Coffee

Location : Visetkul Road, Trang

This is another seatable coffee shop.

PIPO Jelly Yakult smoothies, so refreshing

9. Cakes with a hole, Trang Cake

Trang Cake, a well known snack from Trang Province. It was first produced at Lum Phura Sub-district, Huai Yot District, Trang Province by Hainan Chinese.

Trang Cake was first known as "Kuk Ming Cake". It was named after Kuk Ming Sae-Heng, a Chinese guy who is the original recipe for Trang Cake and had immigrated to Thailand by ship and worked at Narathiwat Province in 1929. Later on, he married and moved to settle down at Trang Province and opened the coffee shop at Lum Phura Sub-district. In the meantime, he also tried to invent his own cake to go with coffee. He observed how to bake cakes from a cake shop in Tubtiang District. After several experiments, he came up with Trang Cake and became well known among people and popular till date.

Trang Cake is developed from Egg Cake of Chinese people. Early Trang people called it "Chicken Egg Pastry" which was used during wedding ceremony, especially in the gift basket. But they made some changes to it, instead of having a small and round shape like general egg cake, they make it a big round cake and put into the box with toppings and different flavors. It became a snack, eating with coffee. Hainan Chinese called the cake by their own dialect as "Kanom Gake" which has the same main ingredients as Chinese egg cake.

Trang Cake is a cake that made of only a few ingredients, for example, flour, butter, sugar, food color, baking powder, and chicken eggs. The process of baking is to mix all the ingredients together and then pour it into the mold cake invented by Kuk Ming which has the hole in the middle. This is for the sake of the cake could be equally well cooked in the right amount of time. After finishing backing, we will have "Trang Cake", which has the identity of being a cake with a hole.

At present in Trang, baking cake is a common activity within household. It is widely baked and developed into several flavors like coffee, pandan, three flavor, fresh milk, coconut, taro, orange, green tea, jack fruit, lychee, butter, jujube, fruit, black sesame, crispy cake, and many more.

Rose Cake Shop, Sin Yu Hieng

Here, the cake will be named after the logo. This shop is very ancient and well accepted in its taste.

Location: 192, Huai Yot Road, Mueng District, Trang

Cake is daily freshly baked.

Now, the cake is also developed into smaller square piece, a very suitable size for tasting.

Young coconut cake at Richy shop is a mixture of young coconut from Sam Phran District and original Trang Cake recipe. Finally, it comes out to be a very soft and sweet young coconut cake.

Smells so delicious

Especially when it freshly comes out of the stove.

This is the gift that we buy home the most during this trip.

Siriwan Lam Phura Cake shop, a small cake shop at Lum Phura, the origin of cake with hole

Location: 145 Moo.10, Phetkasem Road, Huai Yot, Trang

We stop by at this shop by chance but we've got a cake with hole with is so soft and very delicious.

10.Italian Restaurant

It is a bit strange that there's only one good Western restaurant in this land of deliciousness.

Aqua Dinning Room at Anantara Si Kao Hotel is considered the best of the best for Italian cuisine in Trang. This restaurant is beautiful for its atmosphere, decoration and food. During our stayed at Anantara Si Kao, we found that this dinning room was fully booked everyday. Some customers drive from downtown Trang in order to enjoy the food here.

Chef keeps creating new and different food to serve the guests.

Just a bread starter, it is already very delicious.

This dish of buffalo milk chess is so delicious that we have to order another one.

Chef is well taken care of every guests and the food is very delicious.

Scallop is exceptionally fresh.

Pasta is strong in taste, just the way Thai people love.

Here is our desserts, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu and Chocolate Lava.

Let's finish our meal with Limoncello, handmade by chef.

Delicious Food and Lovely Chef....

11. Handmade Noodles

This Man Seng Lung Restaurant is an old restaurant. It has been opened for over 65 years. It is the legend of traditional handmade noodles.

Location: 275, the building around Huai Yot Police Station, Phetkasem Road, Huai Yot Sub-district, Huai Yot District, Trang

All machines are still in traditional style.

Aunt Nui, the shop owner, give us full welcome and explanation.

The highlight of this restaurant is dumpling. It is very thin and tendr. The noodle here is 30 THB per bowl.

And this is a new product, black sesame noodle.

12. Khao Moo Deng (Rice with Red Roasted Pork)

Khao Moo Deng in the south is different than the central or Nakhon Pathom Rice with Red Roasted Pork. Khao Moo Deng in the south should be called the mixed rice because the rice is topping with red roasted pork, boiled chicken, pork liver, and pork sausage which is specially made for this dish. For some restaurants, they might also add the crispy pork.

Hongchai Restaurant, it has been opened for many years.

Location: Ta Jeen intersection, Huai Yot Road corner, Soi 2 (the old road), Tubtaing Sub-district, Mueang District, Trang Province

This restaurant has been in business for several decades and still maintained its original deliciousness. The pork is still well marinated and roasted. Besides the red roasted pork, the restaurant at the south also have chicken, crispy pork, pork sausage and liver as well. If we simply order "1 dish please", then we will have them all. So if we want only red roasted pork or chicken, we have to order specifically only Rice with Chicken or Rice with Red Roasted Pork.

Spoon and folk will be put into the glass when serving the food.

Red pork, self marinated and grill in the charcoal stove

The dipping sauce here is clear, not so thick like the one we are used to in Bangkok.

Chan Restaurant

This restaurant also has rice with red roasted pork, crispy pork,and mixed dish like the other restaurants. But here, they open for almost 50 years, so it can guarantee the deliciousness for its long time operation.

Location: 20 Sai Ngam Road (close to Ratchadamnoen Hospital, Mueang Trang, Trang Province

The highlight of this restaurant is this red roasted pork. This ancient recipe of roasting pork is to put the pork on the charcoal stove for an hour while the crispy pork will take longer time for roasting, which is 3 hours. Here, htey they also use the good rice to serve....

Noodle is also available here.

They recommended us to have dried yellow noodle. But it's a pity that it's sold out when we get there, so I have thin rice noodle and dumpling instead, and it's just delicious.

One of the reasons that it sold out so quickly.

Let's try the rice dish

Yin Sister, one of the ladies in the legend of deliciousness.

13. Noodle/ Yentafo

This Kiang Chuan Chim Restaurant has been the noodle restaurant of Trang for more than 50 years now. From father generation to the next generation and now the restaurant is taking care by children generation.

Location: Visetkul 4 Road, Tubtiang Sub-district, Mueang Trang District, Trang 92000

The secret of making noodle famous is via its specially made soup which needs to boil for over 3 hours. In between, the full ingredients will need to be put in, along with giant crispy shrimp and fatty morning glory. In addition, the lime is prepared for the customers who love strong taste.

The Yentafo soup is highly concentrated and very delicious. The whole dish comes in full option, I'm loving it. This is one of the restaurants that I plan to re-visit before leaving Trang, but the plan didn't succeed due to the queue for our meal is super full. So this will be my first stop if I ever retur to Trang again.

In addition to this delicious Yentafo, lemonade and orange juice is also very refreshingly delighted.

Sai Bua Yantafo Concentrated Noodle Shop

Although it's at Kantang, some people would drive from town to just eat this.

Location: Ratsada Road (opposite to Zhonghua School) Kantang, Trang

We might have to wait a bit if we come at lunch time as she will take time to cook it to the best.

Truly Delicious

14. Seafood restaurants

Trang has beautiful beaches and close to source of seafood, so the fresh seafood could be found almost everywhere.

Ko Kia restaurant

Location: Sakul Satan Pitat Road (near Kantang Pier intersection) Kantang, Kantang, Trang

It opens for two period of time. The first one is from noon to 15.00 p.m. and the second one is from 17.00 p.m to late evening. They close on Mondays.

This restaurant has many great dish but we are here for this 'Rat Na'.

Seafood Rat Na in a middle size dish, so rich in seafood

Steamed Eggs

Pickled Crab, so tasty!

This restaurant offers seafood in Chinese style.

Another seafood restaurant in Katang that we would love to try is Lo Kung restaurant which is also famous for its super Rat Na but it is closed the day we visited. It's such a pity, so that we can't make a comparison. Anyhow, we then go to Ta Klai Seafood Restaurant. It has a good atmosphere and close to Palian River. It is a newly open seafood in Thai style cooking restaurant.

Location : 154/1 Moo. 7, Tung Krabue Sub-district, Yan Ta Khao District, Trang Province (Soi Tung Krabue 17, the same alley as Trang Sport School)

The atmosphere near Palian River, it is very beautiful and relaxing. In the evening, the atmosphere could be terrific.

Let's choose the seat

Since we don't have much time here, so we choose to taste the food that can reflect freshness of its raw materials.

Both dishes are so good!

Seafood Yong Star Cape Restaurant

The seafood is very fresh. The restaurant is small, not too decorated but located at the best viewpoint.

Location: 276 Moo. 4, Tha Kham Sub-district, Trang Province

Yong star or the full name as Tanyong Star refers to the cape that goes into the sea (Tanyong means laem (cape)). The origins of the name come from its topography that is jutting out into the sea and embrace the village. Due to the terrain of Tanyong Star is jutting into the Andaman Sea, Yong Star Cape is at the far end. If we were looking from the satellite photos, we will sea the Tanyong Star community look like taro head. That is to say, it is very narrow at the top before gradually turning fat in the middle and once again narrowing at the tip.

Tanyong Star community is an ancient community. It has been here for thousands of years and started to trade with west coast countries like Singapore, Penang, and other coastal major cities in the Malay Peninsula. And the trade was based on the knowledge of mathematics knowledge and some languages, like Malay, Chinese, etc.

At present, things have changed. I think the main occupation for local people here are fishermen and rubber plantation.

This is one of the amazing places to enjoy the beautiful sunset view in Trang.

The day we come, the owner said that they are experiencing monsoon so the seafood is not fully prepared as they cannot go fishing in the sea. However, what we have is so delicious even if they couldn't go out for fishing. Tom Yum Kung is coming with big prawns and the soup is so well mixed.

To show freshness and abundance of locality, prawns are so gigantic......

Crabs are so meaty...

Southern Chicken Curry. It looks like the mixture between Massaman Curry and Hang Lay Curry, but it is very spicy that we need to have it with rice. I'm not sure what it was called but the chicken is so tender, very delicious indeed.

15. Rolled Jelly

Other places may have rolled wafer, but we have rolled jelly at Trang.

Jie Long Tin shop sells all kind of snacks, let it be Chinese desserts, Thai snacks, beans, sesame, crispy snacks, salty snacks, traditional snacks, and snacks for several festivals, you name it, they have it all.

Location : 27 Tubtiang Sub-district, Mueang Trang Distict, Trang Province 92000

Many snacks here taste so good. If anyone know what these snacks are called, please also let me know :)

But what impressed me the most is ... rolled jelly.

This is the only place and only Jie Long Tin shop is capable of making this snack because is is very difficult to roll. The jelly has to be soft and hard at the same time. When we eat, this rolled jelly will be a bit crispy, a bit sweet, and we can enjoy this eating time. It is tasting very delicious.

16.Custard Dumpling Snack

If we were talking about the famous food in Trang, it must have been either Trang Roasted Pork or Trang Cake right? Whoever visit Trang will buy some home or taste it. If I were to say that another well known snack in Trang is Custard Dumpling (Kanom Jeeb Sangkaya), if you have never heard of this snack before, you must get confused by now. What is custard dumpling? Dumpling should be something to go with Salapao? And what does it have to do with custard, right?

And once we get to see this snack and get to try, we find out that this snack looks just like fried samosas which were made by pleats. The only different is, stuffing for these samosas are not spiced chicken but custard and that's why it was called 'Custard Dumpling'.

Kanom Jeeb Pa Phin Shop is the first place to make custard dumpling snack in Lum Phura. It is said that Aunt Phin's grandmother was one of the kids raised by Phraya Ratsadanupradit and once she grew up, he arranged for her marriage and sent her to live in Penang and planted pepper there. In addition, there's still a lot of relatives living in Malaysia and some family started this very same custard dumpling business in Malaysia. It was selling so well, especially at Ipoh, it was so delicious that people needed to line up for it. So then, she brought the recipe back and started to bake it as to be the gift from Trang.

Location : 30 Moo.10, Lum Phura Sub-district, Huai Yot District, Trang 92190

This dumpling snack was not so popular in the old days as the baking process was quite complicated. The snack needed to be bake on charcoal stove. Until the year of 1998, Trang snack became more popular, Aunt Phin also adapted and improved the way of cooking custard dumpling to fit with modern world and it has last until today.

Custard Dumpling has the same feature as samosas, both are using similar flour but only different filling. Custard dumpling is filled with custard. It is crispy outside and soft inside and smell so good while it's hot. The dough is made from wheat flour and the custard filling is made from milk, duck eggs, sugar and vegetable oil.

Duck egg is an important ingredient that will make custard delicious. These duck eggs must come from the ducks that are fed naturally along the field (Ped Lai Tung). For Aunt Phin, it doesn't matter if its Trang, phatthalung, Surat Thani, or even Supanburi province, she will always make sure to get eggs only from this kind of ducks. Since these ducks are fed by the nature, they will get protien from the nature by collecting shells, crabs, fish and rice bran and broken-milled rice and this is very different than ducked fed by man. The custard made with this kind of duck eggs smell very appetizing, with shinning red yolk, very delicious.

Custard Dumpling (round shape). This is a change from the pleats shape into the round ones. But only the shape is changed, the taste is still very delicious.

This kind of custard dumpling is most delicious when having with hot tea!

17. Delicious things in Huai Yot is really a lot, apart from Ma Seng Lung shop, handmade noodle, custard dumpling by Aunt Phin (the round ones), Kuk Ming Cake, there's still many more. And this explains why people keep saying that Lum Phura, Huai Yot have nothing but deliciouness.

Pho Thong Ocha shop, another ancient shop in Huai Yot, it is just opposite to Ma Seng Lung shop.

In addition to cake with a hole, when we go to the kitchen, we find out that they are also baking custard bread.

Hot out of the Oven

Baking Pia Cake

When we keep walking then we meet a very traditional shop.

We also meet one house preparing for snack in the afternoon selling. And while she is stirring taro, I'm lucky to secretly allow to take a bite, so delicious.

Every tray looks so delicious, I have to say!

And when we walk a bit further, we meet an aunt at the salon who is also selling jelly.

And what I like the most and also buy home is Traditional Salted Pufffy Rice Cake (Kanom Pong) of Kong Lung. He is over 90 years old now but still healthy and come to sell everyday. Now, his grandson also helps cook and sell.

Location : Phetkasem Road (Huai Yot Market, near Song Pee Nong Cake), Huai Yot, Huai Yot, Trang 92130

It is the sweet and salted puffy rice cake and sprinkle with fried onions and packed in bags. This Salted Pufffy Rice Cake of Kong Lung will also sell porridge, fired pork dumplings, and dumplings for breakfast. It is another old shop in Huai Yot District. This salted puffy rice cake is made in traditional recipe in which Kong Lung took it from China. Besides, there's also crispy lotus root snack and other with a very reasonable price of approximately 35 THB per bag.

18. Local Food

Southern food is the food that people from all regions like. If any restaurants can cook deliciously, I'm sure they will have a good sale. Southern food has a lot of spices, the taste is strong.

Kaeng Som Restaurant

A very ordinary restaurant that offers extraordinary taste. Every dish is so delicious. It is the shop that every Trang people would ask if you have tried it yet. And we save the best for the last, so we didn't get to come here until later when we almost finish our trip. It's so pity, otherwise, we would definitely make a re-visit here, haha.

Location : 62/1 Visetkul Road, Tubtiang Sub-district, Mueang Trang District, Trang

Once reading the menu, it's reminding me so much of my food at home, this is so my type of food!

The plate here is not big and the price is also inexpensive. This is so good as we can order more. Let's start with Gaeng Som (Thai Sour Curry) as this is the name of the restaurant, it should taste the best. And we are not disappointed at all. Kaeng Som here is in clear soup, they did not add turmeric like other Southern Kaeng Som, but use yellow chili instead to spice up the taste.

Fried vermicelli with eggs, it smells so good, a perfect dish to eat with spicy Gaeng Som soup.

Steamed Eggs, so smooth!

Eggplant Salad & Boiled Egg

Fried Steamed Seafood Cake. It is said that its origin comes from a story that one day the owner was accidentally running out of banana leaves for steamed seafood cake, so the owner resolved the issue by simply frying them instead of steaming them.

Fried Sataw with Shrimp Paste. The color might look not so great, but the taste is much more than delicious!

Fried Eggplants with Salted Soya Beans and Basil. It looks so simple but very delicious.

And this is our last dish. I have to say every dish is so deliciously yummy!

Richy is a contemporary restaurant that offers almost every kind of food. If you don't have much time to go around Trang and taste all the different food, I would recommend you to com here. Richy offers various kinds of cake, main course, desserts, local food and even international cuisine.

Location: Ratsada Uthit Road (between Soi Ratsada 5 adn 7) Tubtiang, Mueang Trang, Trang, 92000

Richy is a cozy shop. The owner has a vision forTrang to have one restaurant that can include all deliciousness of Trang. The young coconut cake with a hole here is a hightlight. They also offer the modern cake that is so delicious and not any less yummy than those famous cake cafe in Bangkok.

There's also many proper main course, both Thai and international ones. We only get to try Thai food and local food.

Crab with Rice Noodle and Piper Sarmentosum Curry, it is the most popular food at this time, the curry is highly concentrated.

Kaeng Som with Prawn and Coconut Palm Tip, the taste is strong and spicy, not a second to anyone else.

Chili Paste

Mangosteen Salad. Very delicious! The origin is from Chantaburi. Trang also has mangosteen and so here, at Richy, they also can provide you such a dish.

Fried eggs with Bai Liang (one kind of vegetable), this menu makes me overjoy!

Fried Bamboo Shoot with Chili and Eggs, to eat with rice, pretty classy!

Som Tam (Papaya Salad) with Roasted Pork Neck

Grilled River Prawns, also available here

Variety of Beverages

Kanom and Cake

And one more very delicious dish is a homemade ice cream. Every flavor will use seasonal fruits and the highlight of today is Durian ice cream.

19. Last but not least, pub & restaurant kind of dinning place to match with our concept of " Trang, a Land of 24-hours Deliciousness".

Mantra Restaurant is a retro shop, the music played is from the 1980s-90s like Jae, Aood Kiriboon,..etc. The target group of this restaurant is quite clear. The restarruant opens from 17.00-24.00 p.m.

Location: Soi Huai Yot 11 (near to Trang Sport Club), Mueang Trang, Trang 92150

Atmosphere of the Restaurant

Variety of Food, the taste is satisfactory.

If we not gain weight, we are not to return Bangkok, haha.

Interesting things in Trang

Pak Gad Teen Teeb Village (Literally, it means while the mouth is biting, the feet is kicking, it connotes the meaning of struggling and endeavor.)

At Yan Sue Sub-district, Kantang District, Trang Province, there's a lovely village known as "Pak Gad Teen Teeb Village". This community is the country's largest forest and this leads to economical development as the community can use this economic crops to produce many products. It includes OTOP handicrafts like fish catching equipment.

There's about 4000-5000 rai of forest land in Yan Sue in which the local people still rely on it for living and it is over 100 years until now. These crops are very useful and all parts could be utilized. For example, leaves are sewn to make thatch, truck can be used to make seafood catcher, fruits can be eaten, its water are used to make sugar, and leaves and core of leaves are wooven into local handicrafts.

We have our start by drinking water from the tree. From this local wisdom, we could drink water freshly from the tree. The tube has been sterilized by smoked and the water is 100% pure.

Adding some ice, so refreshing!

Let's go take a look at how they can mouth biting and feet kicking.

Their mouth will bite nipa palm while their feet will stretching off to the end of the leaves in order to get leaves out of the core.

Hanging them to dry

The final products will be used for making tobacco. Most of them is exported to Malaysia and it is always a needed product.

Street Art

Rotary Club of Trang uses the wall to tell story and identity of Trang. There's three photographic spots at Ratchadamnoen Road.

As this is a city of Phrya Ratsada which has Jacaranda as the identity. So we can't go without having this Jacaranda (Sri Trang Tree) on it.

An Origin of Rubber Plantation in Thailand

The idea to bring rubber into Thailand happened when Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahitsaraphakdi had a business trip to Malayu country. He saw that Malayu people widely planted rubber with a great result. He was then interested in bringing rubber to plant in Thailand too. However, he couldn't bring the rubber seeds home with him during this trip due to the owner of the rubber plantation was not willing to give away. Until 1901, Phra Sathon Satan Pitak traveled to Indonesia and was able to bring some home. He brought home the rubber young plant. The rubber root was covered by watery cotton and covered with newspaper one more layer. Then he put it into the wooden basket and transported by his personal ship and immediately shipped home.

The rubber brought home that time was 4 baskets altogether. Phra Sathon Satan Pitak was firstly planted this rubber in front of his house in Kantang District, Trang Province in which we could still see one rubber tree as the evidence nowadays in front of the Agricultural Cooperatives Kantang. And from this first generation of rubber, Phra Sathon Satan Pitak expanded the plantation to about 45 rai. It can be said that Phra Sathon Satan Pitak was the first rubber plantation owner in Thailand.

After that, Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahitsaraphakdi sent students to learn how to plan rubber and came back to teach more people. The students he sent were all high rank officials of the community like provincial governor, district governor, sub-district governor or the chief of the village. Also, he also asked these students to distribute rubber plants and largely encouraged local people to start planting. In can be said that it was starting up era for rubber plantation and local people called rubber as 'Yang Tesa'.

At present, rubber plantation is widely planting all over the south and the east. Total plantation area is about 9 million rai. The owner is approximately 0.5 million families. It is considered an important economic crop, only second to rice. Each year, it contributes to Thailand economy billions of THB. For these reasons, Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahitsaraphakdi was priased and honored to be the King of Thai Rubber.

Emerald Cave is the unseen travel destination of Thailand. It is the cave located in the middle of the sea, to the West of Koh Muk of Kantang District, Trang Province. Emerald Cave is under the responsibility of Had Chao Mai National Park and it is a world famous tourist attraction.

I wish there's more, it would be even better if all around town is decorated with this kind of wall painting. The good drawers and good painting can also reflect the Trangness, I really love it!

Nang Talung (A form of shadow puppetry performance arts from southern Thailand or shadow movie)

Nang Talung stays side by side with Southerners for several hundred years. It is the performing arts inheritance that needed to be preserved. Nang Talung used to be called short, just "Nang" (movie). As for the word "Nang Talung", it is assumed that this word was first used when this Nang from the south got to perform at the central Thailand. So "Nang Talung" was created in order to not confuse with the word "Nang Yai" (big screen movie), an already used word in central at the time. Nang from the south was first perfomed in Bangkok during the King Rama III. It was brought to perform at Nang Leng by Phraya Phatthalung (Phuek). Since the owner of the Nang was from Phatthalung, the Bangkok people then just referred to it as "Nang Phatthalung". Eventually, the sound was changed to only "Nang Talung". It is believed that Nang Talung is copying Nang Yai but only minimize the size. In the beginning, Nang Talung only showed Ramayana story, but changed the conversation into local dialect and changed the musical instruments from classical Thai orchestra and two-faced drum into double-headed drum, drum, small cup-shaped cymbals, and Mong (southern double gong) which were the musical instruments already played in the old days. And for all the festivals held, one thing that couldn't be missing was Nang Talung. And the competition for Nang Talung was also a long time tradition in the south.

Nang Talung of Trang has the distinct feature of using straight and clear wordings, fast moving story line and with funny jokes. So it is very popular. There's still several old time and long time favorite Nang Talung bands. Nowadays, it is still in people attention. The Nang Talung band of Trang is everywhere to be seen like at the sub-district or village level. It is the small band that will play locally and once it becomes famous then it will go perform at different districts or different provinces. One of the current famouse Talung bands of Trang include that of Ararn (teacher) Narong Chanpoom, he is awarded the 2015 national artist in the field of acting (shadow movie/Nang Talung). We also have an opportunity to visit and talk with Ajarn Narong about Nang Talung at his house in Kantang District. His house has been turning into Southern Folk Art Performance and Cultural Promotion Center. Every years, students from different provinces will come for a cultural learning camp to keep this cultural moving onward.

Ajarn Narong has created arts for people to both improving quality of life and carrying on the folk arts performance to be in trend with contemporary issues of economic and environmental crises.This resulted in expression and awareness presented in his Nang Talung. It has always been inserting the understanding of environment, society, polities, voting rights, and family planing along. He has expressed this knowledge in a harmonious rhythmic poems and easiest portrayal of the shadow role plays. He has always preserved language and local literature as well as developed Nang Talung to be popular among new generations. He is also passing on the arts of performing and writing scripts for Nang Talung to general people who are interested in. His intention is to convey and promote Nan Talung cultural performance and preserv local dialect to be Thai heritage forever. I would love to express my highest gratitude here, Thank you very much to Ajarn Narong for all your hard work.

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Trang is also famous for Muay Thai because Put Lorlek, a Muay Thai Legend was a native here. He is very famous that old generations and new generations all know him very well. His tactics is greatly imprinted in people's heart. Apart from his stunning tactics, he is also a professional boxer. He was a champion of the Ratchadamnoen boxing stadium and a vice world championship.

Since we've come to Put's hometown, let's also stop by the boxing gym that once owned by Put.

Muay Thai is very popular activity among local Trang people.

Skimboard is a water sport playing by board. The shape and look of board is similar to surf but it's smaller and without fin. Skimboard is designed to play or walk on the shallow water about 1-2 inches. It moves based on the momentum of running and weight of the player which can make it slide really far.

Flatland Skimboard is a sport to play on the smooth surface of shallow water. It is developed and adapted from the way we play Skateboard. It can be played anywhere, no need to play at the sea. The important thing is that it needs a smooth surface of about 1-2 inches height of water, and of course, the sea is a much welcomed place to enjoy this sport.

Currently at Trang, there's a Skimboard team playing at Had Yao, and you are most welcomed to join them.

Central Mosque of Trang. It was built as a center of religious activity to support more than 200,000 Muslims in Trang Province. It is still under construction and expected to be very beautiful place of Trang once it completed.

Location: Moo. 1 Nanin Village, Thung Krabue Sub-district, Yang Tha Khao District, the area is about 40 rai, close to Trang Sport School

Every process of construction must get approved from the meeting of the Islamic Commission of Trang to ensure that it is accurate as regulated in Islam religion.

Very spacious, very splendid, and beautiful

Let's wait until it completes, I bet it's not less beautiful than anywhere else.

Kantang Railway Station is the terminal station of the train towards south on the Andaman sea side. It is situated in front of the military camp of Kantang Sub-district, Kantang District, Trang Province. It is officially open on April 1st, 1913. The station is a one floor hipped roof wooden house, painted in mustard yellow and brown. It is divided into two areas, the building and the platform. The front of the building is beautifully decorated with crafted wood on the pole. The door still maintained its identity since the King Rama VI, it is truly uniquely beautiful. Now, the Kantang Railway Station has been registered as an archaeological site by the Fine Arts Department.

In the past, Kantang Railway Station was used as the place for exporting and importing goods with foreign countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is about 500 meters form the railway station to the Kantang pier which has been in use since the old day. Nowadays, this part of railway has been invaded by the villagers and therefore no more this track.

Kantang Railway Station has been important since the ancient time, it was especially meaningful to the train business in the early days. Locomotives and bogies of trains that were produced abroad like in the United States, Britain, or India will be transported by ship and stopped at Kantang Pier before running on the tracks to Bangkok.

When time passed, route for delivering goods also changed according to origins of production. For instance, the locomotives were later on imported from Japan. And this may be one of the reasons the railway tracks on Andaman Sea side to Kantang station was left abandoned like today.

From April 1st, 1913, the first day the Kantang Railway Station came to operate from the first station at Kantang station to the terminal station at Huai Yot, it is now already more than 100 years. Kantang Railway Station is part of the historical evidence to help tell the history of ancient Kantang city which was both the transportation port and the center for machines and equipment imported from abroad via Singapore to get on board here at Kantang port before delivering to Tung Song District. It was the important railway center for the south. All the sea trasporation from Phuket Phang Nga, Krabi, Satun and Penang will come receive their passengers or parcels at Kantang port before taking the train and move on to other places.

Here still left many very charming historical traces for us to further learn.

If we were coming to reach here, most people will not miss to find some cool refreshing drinks at this station....Love station.

Plan Toys factory produced educational wooden toys for both domestic and international markets under the brand "Plan Toys". The important mission is to "create the valuable media to develop children skills". They choose to produce the wooden toys from rubber that are free of chemicals so that children can get closer and absorb the greatness of nature. In addition, this raw materials is cheap and can be locally found. Besides, these old rubber trees if not used to make wooden toys, they will just get wasted.

They want to have children to experience nature and start learning, the proper learning which will eventually lead to high standard toys production that would be safe for children and friendly for environment.

This is such a good concept and get all support from me. Besides, the toys are so lovely.

Most of the old buildings in Trang are either the Sino-Portuguese architecture as was the fashion of ancient trading city or the traditional Chinese style as was the ancient residential buildings.

In the old days, similar kinds of these buildings were built right next to one another but after some renovation, new era of buildings have been in inserted between respectively.

These 4 buildings that are right next to one another were built in 4 different era. From the right to the left:

1. Ang Mo Lao Era ( Ang Mo= Westerners, Lao= building), this was the time when the Westerners came for tin mining. The building design was influenced by Colonial style. The hall was showing the power of cement wall, some curves were there, cement was also used for the arches of windows and doors.

2.Chinese Merchants Era. The houses focused on doing commerce. Wood was used to build the houses as to reduce the cost for construction because all cements in those days needed to be imported from Penang.

3. Penang Era. Houses were used cements in almost every details even the air ventilation. All highlight of this building was imported from Penang. The building emphasized on open space like the aristocrats of Malayu. There's still the crafted wood but was much stronger. The cement wall has a trace of using plank stairs and the roof structure was using wooden sheet.

4. Field Marshal PLaek Phibunsongkhram Era. The building was in a solid box style like the Bauhaus, which was greatly influenced by the great military power Germany.

At present, several types of these old buildings were left in different places like in the fresh market or the trading area near the railway station, ...etc. Kantang Railway Station was the place for goods transportation from Kantang Pier in the past.

Visit spots: It is located on the road along the municipality of Trang. Most of them are situated between the junction of clock tower- Guan Gon - Ratchadamnoen Road- Kantang Road (parallel with Satani Road)-Phra Ram VI Road. The area is like a square, you could walk or use the motorbike taxi or Fog Head Tuk Tuk service.

And many buildings from this post are from Huai Yot.

Ancient Air Ventilation

This house is very beautiful but I think no one lives here.

The Old Aristocrats House

I can just keep on walking and enjoying the view of the old buildings without getting bored.

This community paint their house colorfully, looking very lively.

Every house has a beautiful color.

A Live Museum

On the main road of Trang, buildings have been collectively and beautifully painted.

The Church of Trang Christendom

On November 11, 1915, there's ceremony presenting this building to be the permanent church of Trang Christendom. It's also written on the entrance staircase that "Christianity Church, built in 1915".

Originally, the bell tower was only a desk, like that of ancient military fortress. After some renovation, the bell on the second floor of bell tower could be really loud, so more floors were added like what we see nowadays.

This building of the church has been first renovated during September-October in 1985. The old cement rectangular roof tiles were changed into synthetic fibers tiles and repainted internal and external, the ceiling roof also put on gypsum tiles and its floor laid white and cream. Later on when the new building was built, that tiles were again changed into lysaght roofing because the synthetic fibers will be deformed when facing too much sun. And the stage of the roof has also gone down. Thereafter, the whole building was renovated again in 2007 and stayed beautiful like this until the present.

Fog Head Tuk Tuk

At present, about 300 Tuk Tuk with Fog Head are left in Trang city. They have formed association of three wheels cars in order to preserve the Fog Head Tuk Tuk to stay with Trang. So it is not surprising to see most tourists, especially foreign visitors, will not miss to take a tour with Fog Head Tuk Tuk for city sightseeing. The fee starts at 15 THB and it can go up depending on the distance, and you could also hire it for the whole day.

In 1959, when Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat was a prime minister, Thailand started to import Fog Head Tuk Tuk from Japan for the very first time. Japanese Tuk Tuk is different from Thai Tuk Tuk. Thai Tuk Tuk has the same steering wheel like that of motorcycle's which is flat and need hands on both sides to control and passengers could only sit behind the driver. But for Japanese Tuk Tuk, the steering wheel is exactly the same as the car's and the passengers could just sit next to the driver, or they could choose to sit behind as well.

Wooden Truck

This wooden truck is the last one in Trang, now it takes a duty of delivering ice, so classic!

Road at Trang

What I love about here is there's a lot of tree. The road is beautiful and so are the trees. This includes off-city road.

Small Road


In-town Road

Or even simply the road in front of houses is also full of trees.

7 days of us at Trang Province make us know much more about Trang than before. We get to clearly experience lifestyle, hospitality and kindness of Trang people. They also help us kindly for our mission to be completed dduring this trip.

My very special thanks to Khun Chuan Leekpai, Khun Kit Leekpai, Khun Raluek Leekpai, P'Puk-P'Kun, P'Aum-Noi, Go Gie-P'Tui, Go Jaeng, P'Cheng, P'Lek, N'Plam-Lay Trang 2, Ajarn Chutamat Chaopiphat (Ajarn A)-Suan Dusit University, P'Eng-Richy Restaurant, Noi-P'Sia, P'Tom-Go Na at Mitrsan Restaurant, N'Hai-N'Jeab at Anantara, Gae-P'Nan, Bird, Tao, P'Tum, Tom, Gift, all the shops and restaurants and many more of our kind assistants during this trip that I may not be able to name here.......The contributors to this review is really a lot, Trang people are truly lovely :)

Please also follow another review of our T10 of Trang Province, the land of deliciousness.

This review will let us know that Trang do not only have beautiful beaches and delicious food, but also stunning mountains, waterfalls, and midst to welcome us from the perspective of Muang Mahakarn LIFE FOR TRAVEL. It is really beautiful.


Let's go out to travel Thailand, there's still many more adventures waiting for us to explore!

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