Let's go to TRANG!

#Trang is located in the southern part of Thailand. It is also one of A must visit city as there are many tourist attraction places, beautiful beaches, delicious food and nice people. The best period to visit is during December to May.

8 Places that you should not miss! # Trang

- #Koh Lao Laing

is one of the island of Koh Patra Wildlife and Plant Conservation National Parks, which are beautiful islands cover with stone mountains. Do not forget to visit #Roo Liang

The island is plentiful of beautiful nature such as corals and fishes surrounding with clear seawater and white beach. During the where there you will meet with local people who are collecting jellyfishes. If you are lucky, you might see dolphins jumping around.

- #Koh Sukon

Unseen!!! where you will see #cows and buffaloes in the sea which you will never see anywhere else. There are sunbathing on Tangmo Beach since in the early morning. You have to be careful, try not to disturb them to much.

Other than fishing, the local people here are also planting rubber tree and rice field. There are many shady rubber tree tunnel which are very beautiful.

Seafood on the island is very cheap.

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- #Pak Meng

#Pak Meng Beach is located in

#Jao Mai Beach National Park

which is a very famous place for tourist especially pine tree tunnel which is shady and very beautiful along the way.

- #Kan Tang Hot Spring National Park

Which is the natural hot spring that suitable for you to relax. It is located in Khao Wang Forest, Kuang Kaeng Forest and Nam Rab Forest National Park.

There are both rainforest and swamp forest in this area with 3 natural trails 500m., 750m. and 2,000m.

- # Rajamangala Trang Aquarium

Located at #Rajamangala Beach #Faculty of Science and Fishery Technology #Rajamagala University of Technology Srivijaya Trang Campus.

There are 2 parts of the aquarium which are # Aquarium , #Out Door Stage

Special Shows
Seals and Sea otters show

2 rounds a day 10.30 am. and 2.30 pm.

- #Tub Tieng

is a city in Sino-Portuguese Architecture which a business town since in the past. Most of the owners of the building are Chinese people who moved here for business and work. Now there are modern style buildings all over the place but we still can see the Sino-Portuguese building spread around the area. One thing that you should not miss is taking a photo with the paint on the building.

Do not miss!!!

- #Cinta Garden

#CintaGarden is where you can shop and chill with many kinds of food.

Open everyday from 5.00pm. - 11.00pm.

- #Train Market

It is a walking street that busy since in the evening, there are many thing for you to shop and chill with local food, snacks and souvenirs. Moreover, you will see the symbol of the province, "Head Frog Tuk Tuk".

See!!! there are many interesting things here, let's get on the journey.

Let's go to Trang!

#A must visit city

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 Thursday, September 14, 2017 1:56 PM