Trang is not a famous place for tourists like in Phuket or Krabi even most of islands are in the same area. For us, Trang Sea has more peaceful and still has tradition way of life that we can see. People are very nice, many kinds of local food and warm welcome from local people.

No need to believe us now... Just come and see for yourself.

How to get there???

For one day trip, you can take a boat at Pak Meng Pier.

For stay overnight on Koh Ngai, you have to get on the specific boat for Koh Ngai only which only have one round a day. The ticket for round trip is 700 THB.

Where to stay???

We stay at Mayalay Beach Resort, it is very beautiful resort. If you have time, we recommend you to stay at least 2 nights so that you have more time to enjoy the atmosphere and no need to be hurry for the boat as there is only one round a day.

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Let's the journey starting!!!!

It takes one hour and a half to get there.

From a big boat then change to a long tail boat to get to the island which is right in front of the resort.

@Mayalay Beach Resort

This is our mini hut which is harmonious with the nature around the island.

It looks small from the outside but inside is big.

Wash your feet before step up!!!

Sunshine, Blue sky and clear water....It is really amazing^^.

Little crabs are all around the cute!!!

And having a good time with beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

Good morning... Having a very fresh morning with beautiful sunrise!!

He is also want to get a sunbath....^^

This is a surprise, we can see Hornbills on this island. This is our first time to see Hornbills in the nature not in the zoo.

There is quite windy in the morning.

Another sunshine day....

Shower at the beach...

It is time to go back....

The boat will come at beach where we get off.

Heading back to Pak Meng Pier

Everything is just so good here. It is also a very good memory and impressive place.

Hope you all enjoy it!!!!

#SandyHappy :)


 Monday, December 4, 2017 6:29 PM