Koh Rok is purely white. I have proved! It was a trend on social network which is referred to the most in previous months.

Now Koh Rok is still in topic and even multiply talks about.

Why everyone wants to visit Koh Rok? Where is Koh Rok? How beautiful is it?

And more importantly, how white is Koh Rok? We will prove together in this review whether Koh Rok is really white, haha.

Let's see preview of the whiteness, purely white!!

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For this trip, I choose to fly with AirAsia, the owner of slogan "Everyone can fly". Various flights are provided in each day. You can choose at your convenience. My fight is on Friday evening which is last Friday of the month. Anyone traveling at this time, please reserve spare time. It takes such a long time from my place to airport. 555

Recently Don Muang Airport opens new airport terminal, the second one. I really like it.

What I like about that? I don't have to walk to the faraway gate. Check in point is very close to the gate. And the thing is I don't have to run!!!

Once get on the plane, I'm surprised with grilled chicken and sticky rice, and mango with sticky rice. The second menu is my favorite.

I didn't have dinner yet due to super bad traffic. But finally I'm flying in the sky.

Also, I get to eat mango with sticky rice in the air, super cool, haha. This trip I intentionally bring little boy (Mungkorn) aged 7 years old with me. Mungkorn has not been to Phuket before and have never seen Koh Rok.

I want to give new experience and educate him about marine nature. Both of us are so excited many days prior to the journey. LOL ^_____^

From Don Muang to Phuket takes around 1.30 hours but we use longer time from home to airport. Does anyone face situation like us? LOL

After posting image of Koh Rok in the page long time ago, many ask me personally if they can take morning flight and ask shuttle to bring them to Koh Rok pier.

For me honestly, I don't recommend to do so as distance between local airport and pier, near Laem Panwa, is quite far. I would suggest to stay at hotel and continue the journey in next morning. It is much better. Don't need to rush.

After arriving at late night, we check in at Amatara Resort & Wellness, a five-star hotel near Laem Panwa, which we will stay for 2 nights.

It is superb. Once entering the room, we gotta say OMG!!!

The room has generous space clearly separated into each zone. Balcony provides sea view. These photos are taken at night, around 5PM. In daytime, you will get different feelings. This hotel is one of my favorites including service and facilities in the room.

They have got everything you need.

Bathroom is split into wet and dry zone. The size is as large as my bedroom at home, haha. Once open the curtain, you can enjoy watching the view from bathtub. (Someone is enjoying the bathtub, haha.) The curtain is controlled by electric system.

Tonight both of us sleep tight. Wake up to see clear sky like welcoming us to travel at Koh Rok.

First of all, I have to say this is my first trip with Love Andaman. I have never been to Koh Tachai, Similan or Surin before. I only read from review in social media. My first time with Love Andaman going to Koh Rok. I'm super happy for being apart of this trip since I am a big fan of Love Andaman for years. I have seen growth of this tour agency since beginning. I can say the company holds highest market share of southern marine tour. Why Love Andaman grows very fast? From my analysis, it is because Khun Satang, big booss of the company, is a young generation who dares to risk. Also, they do online marketing which hugely spread all over social network. Smartness plus strong teamwork increase elements to grow faster.

Okay, after introducing about Love Andaman in my opinion, it's time to move to Koh Rok.

The pier at Phuket is close to our hotel, only 5 minutes. The boat departs in early morning approximately 8AM.

If we leave late, we will face with high wave. However, it is depending on season as well.

They use speed boat large enough for 40-50 passengers. I didn't count but there are many of tourists in this trip. Let's gooo. It takes around 1.45 hours from Phuket to Koh Rok. Honestly, such a long time. Anyway, nature faraway from human is always beautiful, isn't it!!!

Koh Rok is over there. I can see whiteness from here. ^^

Bird's-eye view from Google Map helps us see the shape of this island. There is a clack in the middle. Our boat moors at the northern coast as the office of local staff is located there. When the sea and sky shine the same color, after arriving, it is the moment when everyone is stunned with the view.The whiteness and crystal clear sea that you can easily see corals.

Yippee!! Finally I'm here!!

Happiness of seven-year-old boy is about to start now, after touching white soft sand of Koh Rok for the first time.

Tourists eventually get off from the boat which Love Andaman staff takes good care of safeness.

This includes guide of the trip as well. I believe they have been trained very well. All staffs are friendly and create laughs during the journey.

Taking group shot including 30 tourists and sponsors; AirAsia, Love Andaman and Amatara Resort & Wellness.

Being apart of this trip and joining activities on Koh Rok give me opportunity to meet people I know for a long time, but haven't meet in real person.

I know some of them but don't have a chance to meet. Some I don't know but get to make friends for the first time, during the trip.

Everyone are happy and full with laughs and smiles for the whole journey.

There is an activity to release turtles to the sea. Some believe that releasing turtles will prolong your life like a turtle.

May I add another good point. It will help LOL Let's survey the coast of Koh Rok. Smooth and white sand gives soft touch when we step on it. Also, we don't have to beware of any foreign substances.

The sky welcome us with bright color.

Learning curve continuously increases at Koh Rok. Do you believe that Mungkorn fully enjoys the whole trip.

Hold on. Not only Mungkorn who enjoys.

I mean everyone, LOL.

With the whiteness of the island, we keep jumping because we are extremely joyful.

Once in a while I get a chance to pretend to be young, haha. Actually not only me, it refers to everyone who visit the island and experience beauty of nature, such crystal clear sea.

How can I resist? Gotta wear bikini. Bring it on!!!!

Let's move to food. Love Andaman provides lunch on the island which looks like hotel quality. It is an unlimited buffet. Everything is refilled.

Love Andaman strictly holds to policy of not leaving any garbage on the island. If they can bring it here, they must bring it back as well.

This is what we call environmental conservation.

I didn't take photo of buffet line but I would like to introduce Khun Satang, in the middle. He is a big boss of Love Andaman personally joined the journey. I just meet him today and have never known him in person before. However, I can feel that he is friendly with everyone. He takes good care and serve food by himself. After the trip, I have a chat with friends sayin he's a boss but takes care of us by himself. And he's also friendly. It turns out everyone is impressed and has the same thoughts. It is another impression towards Love Andaman. In the afternoon, the world of learning has not ended.

We are divided into two groups for diving which a boat will bring to diving spot. For those who prefer to stay at the island, they can enjoy taking some rest. I am one of them.

It is because I can't dive. Even I use snorkel, I still drown. When I see photo of under-water world, I was like "Ohhhh". And of course, there is no such photo in this review comparing to others. At diving spot of Koh Rok, coral reefs are very fresh and clear water.

One idea pops up after the journey. I want to learn diving in order to see corals with my eyes!!

For those who stay on the island, keep playing the sand, haha.

While we are at the island, the cloud keeps moving, from clear sky changing to slightly cloudy. However, Koh Rok is still gorgeous and calm.

We sit still and watch the sea. Try to collect every moment with our heart and memorize this place in our memory and photos.

Thank you AirAsia, Love Andaman and Amatara Resort & Wellness.

For giving us an opportunity to know and love Thai sea, stunning nature of Koh Rok.

Also, I wanna tell you guys again that Koh Rok is purely white. I have proved! What about you? ^^

Thanks for reading to this point. Thank you. Review by https://www.facebook.com/RinsaYoyoliveTravelBlogger/.

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 Monday, March 28, 2016 11:19 AM