It is Saturday with good weather in Bangkok. I decided to go to Sampheng wholesales market to buy small gift for children. I and some friends will go to Chiang mai to donate gift and built playground for children at school in Mae Cham, Chiang mai.

By the way, I took subway from Chatuchak station to Wat Mang Korn station because it is the closest station and the best choice to go to Sampheng Market which located in the same area with China Town.

As everyone know how is the traffic in China Town area especially during season greeting.

The distance from Wat Mang Korn station to Sampheng market is only 10 inutes. Very close and convenience.

After finished buying all gifts and leave it at the shop then we heading to the restaurant which my friend had recommended.

The restaurant is located only 5 minutes from the shop which I bought the gift so it is very convenience. The name of restaurant is “Laoteng” the name of the restaurant in Chinese language mean second floor. And yes, they are on second floor of the building.

We arrived to the restaurant in good time and got the last small table for 2 persons. Staff show us the menu and we start ordering.

The first menu that I chose is noodle. This is one my favorite noodle “Stir-fried noodle with shrimp source”

He chose “BBQ honey pork on rice”

I saw some nice Dimsum menu so I order 2 dishes.

Steamed mixed combination wrapped with rice noodle.

Deep-fried bean curd rolls with shrimp

And I order ice green tea no sugar.

While waiting for the food. We were enjoy seeing around the restaurant. I like decoration in old style.

They put wall paper which make the wall look like bricks wall. It look nice but if they use real bricks should be more nice (just my opinion).

I like the old styles chairs and tables. The tall glass windows show the beautiful building outside. The air-condition restaurant keep inside quite from noisy from outside.

The food is ready and we are hungry.

Food look so yummy.

We start trying all dishes.

I like the noodle the most. Taste is amazing.

Pork on rice also good.

I can say that all dishes are good taste and we were really enjoy eating.

And I like the ice green tea no sugar. The lite smell of green tea is so good.

We finished all food on the table.

And the prices for all dishes for two persons which we ordered is not bad.

I like this restaurant and surely will come again with other friends next time (soon). You can them easily and take subway from city center is the best choice.



 Saturday, December 14, 2019 3:46 PM