I always keep coming back to Koh Larn Island since it is just 40 minutes away from Pattaya where I currently live, but I never tried to stay overnight on the Island. I'm so curious about what is Koh Larn at night, then I decided to stay in this amazing resort where peace and tranquility are offered, it really lives up to its name "The Space of Secret" since it's a bit hidden from the main area but not that far from Naban Port, Myth Koh Larn Resort Bar, and Bistro.

Myth Koh Larn Resort is just 10 minutes drive from Naban Port in Koh Larn, even though it is so near, It is still peaceful since it is situated at the top of the hill and nearby mountains. If you are looking for a resort in Koh Larn where you just want a quiet and relaxing stay, I highly recommend Myth Resort. Once you arrived at the Naban Port the staff of the resort will pick you up in the port with their free shuttle service. Since check-in is 2:00 PM, the pick-up time at the port is after 12:00 PM. Once you arrived in the resort you are greeted with the friendly staff, I am so surprised how amazing their hospitality is, we haven't step our foot yet in their receiving area, but then they greeted us and help us with our bags. The receiving area of the guest is also the restaurant and bar as well, the place is perfectly peaceful, calm and I can feel how refreshing the air is with a great view of the mountains, they also provide welcome refreshments. Let's talk about the interior of their restaurant and bar, it gives me a vibe of bohemian with a touch of modern, It makes me feel like I'm not in Thailand.

The resort has only 3 rooms which can be occupied with 2 guests only, so I recommend contacting Myth Resort first in their Facebook or Instagram for availability to avoid any inconvenience. I've been to many resorts and hotels but this one is so unique, honestly speaking? If I will build my own house soon? I will surely be inspired by the interior and design of Myth Resort's room especially the bathroom. The room is simple, classic but modernize, the bed is so comfortable and soft, facing the amazing view outside. Each room consists of a plunge pool or jacuzzi and there is also a sitting area beside the jacuzzi, where you can chill and relax. My most favorite part of the room is honestly the bathroom, I love the concept of their bathroom, it is so classic and spacious. I honestly wanted a bathroom like this in my future house. My second favorite part of the room is the jacuzzi in the morning, the rooms are facing to the spot where you can see the perfect sunrise like literally the perfect circle of the sun rising.

Myth Koh Larn Resort Bar and Bistro cost 3,200 THB per night during weekdays and 4,000 THB during week-ends. The price is a bit high, but it is worth it if you are looking for a place in Koh Larn where privacy exists, solemn and peaceful. They also have a motorbike for rent for 300 THB per day and if you don't know how to drive you can also ask assistance from the staff for a transfer service for a minimum of 300 THB back and forth. For travelers like me, me and my friend decided not to rent a motorbike anymore as we prefer to walk and just see the beauty of the Island and mountains. The road is safe to walk just be cautious with the motorbike and "songtaew" (Thailand's public transportation) in the road. And I don't recommend walking at night in Koh Larn Island, as the Island itself has not much source of power and lights along the road, besides it is still an Island. We decided to check out some trendy restaurants nearby Naban Port since it is the center of the Island, from the resort to the center took as 20 minutes walk, we decided to go out around 4:00 PM. We did not feel any boredom or tired while walking, because we enjoyed taking a lot of pictures on the road and just by seeing the mountains, trees along the road and cute coffee shops. The staff informed us that normally coffee shops will close at 5:00 PM and restaurants at 10:00 PM, so the Island is so quiet after 10:00 PM and we noticed that around 7:00 PM there are no motorbike taxis in the area. Good thing! the locals are so friendly and kind to help us to go back to the resort and of course, we paid the local who send us for 100 THB for 2 people.

Myth Koh Larn Resort Bar and Bistro transform at night if the resort is beautiful enough during the day it is more stunning at night. The vibe is so chill and relax while having dinner and drinks on their sky bar. We did not order a meal because we already eat outside, we just ordered drinks, their signature drinks start from 300 THB and some beers cost around 100 THB. The restaurant and sky bar closes at 10:00 PM, during the evening, I love how peaceful the place is, the only thing you can hear is the sound of birds and crickets, it is advisable to observe the noise in the room to respect the privacy of your neighboring room.

I woke up at 6:00 AM to watch the incredible sunrise, just right there in our jacuzzi outside the room. The sunrise is so unbelievable, I never thought that our room is positioned where the perfect circle of the sunrise. It made me realize how blessed I am to be given the chance to wake-up every morning, life might be tricky but it is so beautiful if you just know how to appreciate things even the simplest one.

Our stay in the resort includes breakfast, the breakfast is a set of American breakfast, they also have coffee, milk, juices, and cereals in the counter bar. Breakfast starts at 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM in their receiving area which is also the restaurant. After a sumptuous breakfast, we go back to our room to enjoy our jacuzzi for the last time before check-out, check-out time is 11:30 AM. When we check-out the staff bid goodbye to us so warmly, making us feel that Myth Resort is our home and we can come back anytime we want. Their free shuttle service sends us to Naban port.

To summarize my 2 days and 1 night experienced in Myth Resort it is astounding from the service to the resort itself. Sometimes, we do feel like we want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and just want a solemn place where we can hear our breath and check our well-being, I highly recommend Myth Koh Larn Resort Bar and Bistro. I can say this is one of the best places to find peace and just relax for a moment.

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 Monday, June 22, 2020 4:57 PM