"I got special deal for air ticket to Phuket and I want to put this trip to be last trip to the south of Thailand for July so I decided to call in group of friends who have free time during working to go to Phuket with me and I got totally 12 friends this time"

The reason I chose Phuket this time is not only because special deal of air ticket but because I want to see how beautiful Phuket after locked down period because of COVID was released.

We plan to stay in Phuket 3 nights (some friends have to stay only 2 nights because they have so many things to do but me and other friends will continue as original plan.


We all booked same flight with Thai Lion Air for 7.45am. I really like the way they operate after COVID and I think they should use the same system to avoid crowed people during getting off the airplane. They call 5 rows per time to get off for example row number 1-5 get of at the front door and rows no. 30-35 get off at the back door and the rest passenger still keep sitting and wait. 

From Phuket airport to Phuket old town took around 1 hour so we agreed to have lunch before check in at hotel. And we chose one of a famous local-restaurants this time. The name “ Mhee Sapum Khun Yai Jian”

And we order 7 dishes to join.

Steam fish ball

Fresh spring roll

Pork sate

Crispy spring roll

Fish cake

Noodle with seafood and gravy.

We were enjoy first lunch for this trip and then we continue to hotel. Our hotel this time is SINO HOUSE a small hotel which located only 10 minutes walking distance to famous old town area. This is first time to stay this hotel for all of us but I think this is good option for people who prefer to stay in the old town of Phuket instead of beach area.

The room is clean, large, full furniture and the most I like is the painting above the bed. I like lotus and I like that they put painting instead of photo.

And I also like bed style and very comfortable bed and pillows. We all stay single room because the price is not expensive. Staff here are nice and friendly so this hotel quite popular for tourist.

On arrival day we did not put too many program. After checked in then we relaxed in our room till 4pm then we left hotel for walking and take photo at old town area.

I like this area very much because the buildings, street, houses are old but still look nice. People open their house to be shops, café, restaurant, hostel etc., with their old-style interior decoration but for outside of the building they still maintain original architecture.

We spent around 1 hour at there and then we heading to Rawai beach for dinner. And today is Seafood day.

We got table at "Rawai Seafood Restaurant" which is the restaurant which service for cooking but we have to buy fresh seafood from the market in front of the restaurant and bring to them to cook. They charge very cheap price for cooking. 

1Kg. with whatever menu you want they charge 100B but if less than 1Kg they charge 75THB. We bought crabs, fishes, stone lobsters, lobsters, oysters, total we paid around 4500B and the restaurant charged the cooking service around 2000B.

Totally this dinner we paid around 7000 included beverage and some menu such as fried vegetable. I think this is good prices for 12 persons with this sea food dinner which average around 600/person.

After dinner return to hotel. First day already finished.


Today is the highlight of this trip. We started the day with the breakfast at the famous local restaurant name “Dibuk Boiled rice”.

There are variety of menu for rice, boiled rice, noodle and appetizers

I order rice with mix topping.

Some friends order noodle.

Some friends order only appetizers

I got Thai traditional coffee; this is very good coffee.

After breakfast we continue to the Boat Lagoon to get on the boat for sea trip.

We booked this tour with https://bit.ly/3358JJj for private boat trip with islands hopping program (but we paid some extra to adjust itinerary and visit more islands and also upgrade lunch to be seafood lunch on island) . And this is the boat for trip today.

We arrived to the pier a little earlier than meeting time. So, we have time to get some nice shots from the pier.

We left the pier around 9.30am. Their staff are very friendly with good services mind. Everyone communicates with us with the smiling on their face.

On the boat they prepare drinking water, beverage (non-alcohol). 

They put big bin which everyone can throw all garbage and we do not need to worry that there will be any plastic, can or any garbage will drop to the sea.

The boat looks very nice and comfortable with large seating (2persons/seat). This boat available up to 37 persons but today we have only 12 persons so there are lots of space. The soft seating feel like sofa and support on the back make us more comfortable. Drinking water, fruit juice and beverage served during the tour (non-alcohol)

We start the tour to visit the first island which is "Koh Yao Yai". This island has long white sand dune. There are many tourists walking around to get good shots.

The water here has difference shade. I think after nature cot cured, they become more beautiful. 

I travel to Phuket and do islands hopping tour many times but never see the color of the sea like this before.

We dropped at this island just only for enjoy taking photo on the beach and enjoy swimming and jumping!!!

After Koh Yao Yai then we continue to "Koh Yao Noi" to have lunch. And this is sea food lunch again.

The restaurant for today name “Mermaid Gallery Café” which located by the beach road. The restaurant decorated with many colorful paintings. We booked the table in advance to make sure that we have space as we are 12 persons today.

First impression at this hotel is staff who welcome us with the cold water with lemon and watermelon which made us feel fresh. Besides of the welcome drink, we all like all their staff as everyone are alert and service is very well.

We order big food for lunch today. OMG!!!







Actually, this tour included lunch but as we are private group and we want to have special lunch at restaurant instead of set lunch which they provide. The owner is so kind and flexible, she offer very special prices for upgrade lunch to be full seafood set as above.

While we were waiting for the food, we were enjoy taking lots of photos from the beach.

After lunch then we continue to another island call “Koh Khai Nork”. This island is very beautiful.

You can see the color of the sea

And the sandy beach

There are tourists but not too crowded.

We all enjoyed swimming and taking photos on the island.

And then move to another island call “Koh Racha Yai” for snorkeling.

Everyone jumped to the sea because of the beautiful of the sea color.

There lots of fishes and coral reef in this area.

Around 30 minutes we moved to another island “Koh Racha Noi” for snorkeling again and this is the highlight of snorkeling of the day.

We were enjoyed snorkeling at Koh Racha Noi around 30 minutes and it was the time to return to Phuket (around 4pm). Then all get on the boat and then we return to Phuket.

We all like this tour with difference reason. Some friends like their services, some friends like their boat because very less bumping when compare with normal speedboat. But personally, I like their itinerary and the islands that they took us are very beautiful. The captain said that today we were lucky with the sea condition so we can visit these islands. There are some group can not visit same island however in case group can not visit same islands as itinerary they will take to other island instead. 

We reached back to hotel for refreshment and prepare for lite dinner.

And I got good option for the group. Dibuka Café&Restaurant is only 5 minutes walking distance from our hotel.

I chose this restaurant because of their decoration, food so I want all friends try. 

I got my drink which is honey lemon frappe

And we got fruit salad

Salmon with hot and spicy salad

Pomelo salad

This is enough or our table as I think seafood lunch still remain in our stomach.

After finished our dinner we separate as some friends want to walk around the old town in the night time while some friends prefer to go back and sleep.

We finished 2nd day of the try completely happy.


08.00 is meeting time for breakfast. And we all agreed to go to the same restaurant as yesterday “Dibuk Boiledrice”. But we will order difference menu.

Today I ordered noodle and I think I like this noodle more than rice which I had on first day. Anyway, all menu are good especially Thai coffee.

After breakfast we vote to go shopping or foot massage but finally, we do both. Start with shopping at "Pornthip Souvenir shop" which is very famous in Phuket. The reason is their products are fresh, clean, good quality and friendly prices. I like their packaging which we can buy for friends, family. Some shop the put everything in big pack while this shop provided some small pack which you give to all friends one by one.

I picked cashew nut with Tomyum flavor as I have Thai and foreigner friends in Bangkok so I am sure they like it.

We were enjoyed shopping while my friend called to the massage shop. Unlucky, there are only 5 therapists available for our time. Then there are only 5 persons can do foot massage. Myself, normally do Thai massage minimum 2 hours so I skip this time. But I like their venue and smell of lemongrass essential oil which make me feel relax. I might come again in the evening because this spa located next to our hotel.

After friends finished massage then it is already time for lunch and today lunch chose by my friend to restaurant called “Pailin Restaurant” which is also popular for local people.

After lunch we drive some friends to airport for today’s flight back. There are 4 persons including me extend one more night because I have some more places want to visit while some friends do not have time to join.

We are free this noon and want to live lazy by sitting in coffee shop with our laptop. We chose "RUSH COFFEE" on Rommanee Street (old town). Three of us with laptop and our orders.

Mine is Coconut cake and “Ice Harney & Sons green tea with honey and lemon” (created by myself). Another friend got Blue Cheese cake with Ice Harney&Sons tropical green tea with honey and lemon (created by me) and the third one got carrot cake with chocolate frappe.

The taste of my coconut cake is very nice also my tea.

We spent time with laptop and mobile and talk till staff came to us and inform that they are closing (they open till 5pm daily except Sunday they open till 7pm). Then we walked to “Raya Authentic Thai Cusine” which will be the place for our dinner today. The restaurant which turned the old house with more than 100 years old to be restaurant. The yellow color of the house can notice easily.

And menu for today is.

Steam jumbo fish ball


Chili paste with crispy dry shrimp

Fried pork

Yellow curry with crab meat eat with noodle (I like this one the most)

After dinner and talking then we return to hotel for rest and prepare for leaving tomorrow.


Our flight is noon flight so again that we have to go out for breakfast and today we prefer Dimsum. And I chose “Super Dimsum” today. 

We are only 5 persons today but totally 31 baskets of dim sum. 

We all agreed that dim sum here is so delicious. And the price is very cheap. 

“Super Dim sum” located on Luang Por road in old town. They have large parking area. Their foods are fresh and good quality. Staff are nice with good services. So, we recommend this restaurant for anyone who looking for dim sum for breakfast.

Finally I completed 4 days trip to Phuket with difference experience. And I can say that PHUKET IS BACK and even more beautiful than before. The color of the sea is more beautiful, clean, clear like crystal. Under the water are lots of coral reef and fishes even this month is not the high season for this island. So, I'm thinking that I might come again in November or December as I think the sea will be even more beautiful!!!


 Wednesday, July 29, 2020 8:49 PM