While I was in Koh Chang over the holidays, my friends and I decided to do an island tour with one of the operators. We were staying at Awa Koh Chang and one of the shops selling the tour packages was right next to our hotel.

So we booked one. It was a 5-island tour on a speedboat for 800/person including lunch, snorkeling equipment, lifejacket, and entrance to the national park island.

Hotel pickup & Boat Journey

At around 9:15 am, a songtaew picked us up from the hotel along with 3 other people. Then it continued to collect 4 more people. There were a total of 11 of us now.

After about half an hour we reached the ferry pier. We walked for about 10 minutes before reaching the boat.

The rest of the journey was quite uncomfortable, I must say. The sea was extremely choppy, causing the boat to rise and crash violently.

I couldn't even take a photo to show you. It was pretty rough. 


For snorkeling, we hit 3-4 spots that were quite nearby to each other. First, we went to Koh Yak Lek followed by Koh Mapring. With a lunch break in between, we then hit Koh Ya Yai and Koh Rong.

These photos are not in order whatsoever, but I hope to give you an idea of the snorkeling experience. I do wish I had a GoPro though! 

Beach Relaxation

We made two stops at different beaches on Koh Rang. This is a national park and ranger station so it is very well kept. Extremely beautiful and paradisiacal as you can see. 

The water looks like a swimming pool and the white sandy beaches are perfect for those Instagram or postcard photos. I could have spend hours here but alas we were only allowed 1 hour at each beach.

The first beach we visited was San Jhao Beach. I swam here from the previous snorkeling spot but the rest of the people simply came by boat.

I'm just going to leave you with some pictures to awe and drool at.

hehe had enough? Does it give you wanderlust to take your own trip to these islands off Koh Chang?

Well, we're not done yet. Here are some more pictures from another beach on Koh Rang. This is known as the main pier. You can see the makeshift pier made from plastic boxes. Don't worry, it's quite stable to walk on.

On this beach, we even came across a little deer, which was amazing. It was so cute. We all tried to feed it as well. Sometimes it ate, sometimes it did not.

I had a great time on this island trip becaues it made me feel alive. After being stuck at home and in Bangkok for months, it was a blessing to be out in the wild and free. 

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 Monday, August 10, 2020 1:03 PM