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7 days 6 nights in Vietnam 6000 THB


Hello everyone welcome to Vietnam^^

Saturday, May 28th, 2016 (This review also conclude all expenses in this trip)


Departure from Bangkok to Hochiminh City

After pick up all bags, we go to exchange money and buy a sim card (180,000 VND).

Now we are ready to discover Vietnam...

Sim card shop is on the far left of the airport

The best rate money exchange in the airport (at that time)

Then we take the green bus no. 152 to Pham Ngo Lao, ticket is 5,000 VND.

"Welcome to Vietnam"

Whatever they do, they will use horn to warn each other.

Arriving to Pham Ngo Lao, we start to find the hostel. It is not on the Google Map and very difficult to find. Finally, we find it at the end of the small alley it is a mixed dormitory with comfortable bed.

That's why I fall asleep for an hour ^^

After that, we go out to find the bus to Mui Ne and THE SINH TOURIST is the cheapest one that we find for357,000 VND for the whole trip. Then we just go around the city and go to Bitexco for a city view (entrance fee 200,000 VND).

Our first meal in Vietnam

Lunch 60,000 VND

Dinner + Dessert 70,000 VND


Waking early and taking the bus to Mui Ne

It takes about 4 hours from Hochiminh to Mui Ne. When we arrive, the bus stop in front of the hostel. Then we check in and prepare ourselves for going out. Due to weather forecast, it says that there will storm whole day so we only walk around the hostel on the first day.

In the evening, we have our dinner at top floor of the hotel where you can enjoy the sea view and swimming pool of the room of 240 THB a night.

Breakfast before departure from Hochiminh 20,000 VDN

Lunch at Mui Ne 30,000 VND

Pancake 15,000 VND

Dinner 35,000 VND + Beer 15,000 VND


We rent a motorcycle in front of the hostel for 70,000 VND and riding around. Riding for a while, we are run out of gas so we stop by the gas station near by. (My Vietnamese friend warned me that we must be careful when buying gasoline because they are always cheating even with people who have the same nationality). And it just likes my friend said, the gas staff did not reset the gas controller so we got less gasoline. I was so pissed off.

But we still have to continue our journey so I just leave it behind.

This is our first stop:

Fish market (Very cheap seafood)

Next destination is "White Desert" which is the highlight of Mui Ne.

Police check point

Luckily, we have Thai driver license which can be used in all around Asian Countries.

Then we continue riding to White Desert.

Here we are!!! The White Desert..

There is an entrance fee for 10,000 VND/person and Parking 5,000 VND/car.

Siting on the sand mountain

Then we are heading to the Red Desert (Personally, I like the white desert that the red desert).

Lobster !

After we have been to all highlight places in Mui Ne, we go back to the hotel to get some rest then go out to have some seafood. Coming to Mui Ne, we must eat Lobster because it is very cheap only 500 THB/KG.

Fried fish in fish sauce with rice 25,000 VND

Ending the trip in Mui Ne and continue to "Dalat" in the morning


The bus comes to pick us up in front of the hostel and heading to Dalat...

It takes about 4-5 hours, the view from both side of the road is surrounded by mountain and trees and phone signal start to disappear completely.

(View from both side of the road from Mui Ne to Dalat)

After get off the bus we walk in hurry to the hotel that we booked.

City view is also very beautiful. Dalat is a city that influent by European Architecture.

Arriving at the hotel

For dinner, the hotel has a welcome dinner for all new guests to have dinner together. So that we get to know each other and share our experiences.

For food cost today, we only pay for breakfast 15,000 VND and burger for Lunch 35,000 VND.


In an early morning, we go up to the roof top and this is what we see...It is so beautiful...^^

After breakfast, it is time for us to go on a motorcycle tour with a guild for 657,000 VND. It is quite an expensive one but valuable for us because we get to go to Pongour Waterfall which is the most beautiful waterfall in Dalat and also we have a tour guild who can give us more information during the trip. In our package, there are water reservoir, Kai Village: local agricultural village of Dalat, Mushroom farm, Elephant Waterfall, Pongour Waterfall, Chinese Temple, Mulberry factory, Coffee yard, Civet coffee cafe, Flower garden and ending with Crazy House.

Pongour Waterfall; the most beautiful waterfall in Dalat

(Agricultural area of Dalat)

Elephant waterfall

Ending the trip today with "Civet coffee cafe"

60,000 VND per cup

Free breakfast at the hostel

Lunch 25,000 V ND

Dinner 25,000 VND


Walking around the city and go to Dalat Market


Taking a bus back to Hochiminh which is taking about 6-7 hours. Then go to buy English books from FAHASA book shop which some of them are cheaper than in Thailand. After that we walk back to Ben Thanh Market and take bus No. 152 go the airport.

Bus ticket to the airport 5,000 VND

Ending of the trip...

Expenses conclusion

Day 1 (Hochiminh)

Sim card 180,000 VND Internet + Voice call

Bus 5,000 VND/person

Hostel 230 VND/person (Booked in advance)

Lunch 60,000 VND

Vietnam hat 30,000 VND

Bus package 357,000 VND/person (Hochiminh-Muine-Dalat-Hochiminh)

Entrance fee for Bitexco Building 200,000VND/person

2 bottles of water 20,000 VND

Dinner 70,000 VND

Day 2 (Hochimin to Mui Ne)

Breakfast 20,000 VND

Lunch 45,000 VND

Dinner 50,000 VND

Day 3 (Mui Ne)

Motorcycle rental 70,000 VND (divide by 2 = 35,000 VND/person)

Gasoline 40,000 VND (Divide by 2 = 20,000 VND/person)

Lunch 25,000 VND

Entrance fee to White Desert 10,000 VND/person

Motorcycle keeper 5,000 VND

Dinner 380,000 VND

2 bottles of water 20,000 VND

Day 4 (Mui Ne to Dalat )

Hotel 217,500 VND/person

Breakfast 15,000 VND

Lunch 35,000 VND

Day 5 (Dalat)

Lunch 40,000 VND (including Coke)

Dinner 15,000 VND

A bottle of water 10,000 VND

Dragorn fruit 10,000 VND

Day 6 (Dalat)

Lunch 30,000 VND

Dinner 55,000 VND

2 bottles of water 20,000 VND

Day 7 (Dalat to Hochiminh)

Hotel 3 nights +tour package 1,100,000 VND/person

Breakfast 10,000 VND

Lunch 45,000 VND

Bus ticket 5,000 VND

Total 3,254,500 VND(5,103THB not including snacks, milk, etc. but it is not going be over 6,000 THB)