Hello everyone!!! Today I will take you to visit a small village in Turkey named Şirince, an ancient Greek village in Izmir Province of Turkey.

Şirince village is located on a hill, around 85 km. from Izmir downtown. The architecture in this village is truly unique and is under the preservation of the local government. Surrounded by vineyards, olive groves (very good olive oil), peach groves, figs, apples, walnuts, and more.

Şirince is also a charming village and is famous for its fruit wines. Whether it's a liqueur, cherry wine Raspberry flavor Strawberry flavor or even the smell of melon.

Click on the Google Map to see the location of Şirince Village in Turkey.

We left Izmir by train and arrived in Selçuk, a small town in the south of Izmir province. Then, we put our stuffs in the guesthouse where we stayed, which was not far from the train station.

After check-in, we left the guesthouse and walked directly to the bus station, located just behind the train station. We traveled to Şirince Village by a minibus or Dolmuş in local language. The cost of travel was not very expensive. It costed around 20 lira. The Dolmuş  leaves every hour until 8.00 pm.

When arriving at the village, we will find many local clothing stores, jewelry stores, herb and fruit wine shop, and general souvenir shops.

A small café selling tea, coffee and snacks.

We wandered through narrow cobble streets between each house.

Some houses have had deteriorated over time. But they were still exist with the uniqueness of wood mixed with cement.

The slow life of the villagers.

A young goat that was raised in the yard of local villagers.

This young goat was so cute.

We walked up the hill a little bit and we found a coffee shop with a beautiful view. The entrance of the coffee shop was really cute.

At the entrance of the coffee shop were decorated with flowers in various colors.

As soon as we entered to the coffee shop, we felt really amazed by the panoramic view of the village.

The atmosphere was very nice and calm. Also, the view was really beautiful.

There was no one here. Only us were sitting at one table.

We ordered Iced Mocha which looked very pretty and the taste was so delicious.

Iced Mocha with such a nice view of the cute village in front.

After indulging in a beautiful view and a good coffee. It was time to continue to visit other places... We walked a little bit further up to the hill and found a guesthouse that had a very good atmosphere. There was a seating area for in-house guests as well as walk-in guests to sit back and relax.

There were a lot of trees in this area. Made it shady and relaxing.

There were not many people here. Maybe it was because of the low season.

The wall of these buildings were painted in white, accompanied with red or brown roof.


Around 5-6 o'clock in the evening, we will see some good views of the village with the golden sunshine.

These buildings are still unique in the ancient style.

It's time to go back!!! We spent about 3 hours here. 

We arrived just in time for the last bus, just before leaving, otherwise we would have to take a taxi back to Selcuk, which would be very expensive.

I'll just end the journey for now. Thanks for visit my blog and hope to see you soon!!!

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 Tuesday, August 2, 2022 7:47 PM