The story began from a twin sister of Yui came to Thailand for vacation and they really want to visit Chiang Mai but do not know what to do and where to stay. Yui called me and invited me to join with them as she expected me to suggest good program for them (because I travel to Chiang Mai very often). So, I created a lite program for their 5 days trip, and we booked the ticket immediately. All were excited for this trip and plan for all dress follow by daily program.

DAY 1 – We booked morning flight by Nok Air at 0900am as we wanted to arrive to Chiang Mai before noon. But because we decided to book on last minutes so we cannot get best prices. However, we got the flight that we preferred, and we reached to Chiang Mai 10.10am. P Man who is our driver was ready at airport. With the luggage we all are heading out from Chiang Mai city and go direct to Mon Cham which is one of the most popular viewpoints in Chiang Mai.

Reached to Mon Cham around 1pm and because twin sister of Yui never visits Mon Cham, so we dropped at the viewpoint before going to restaurant. And they were really enjoying the panoramic view and got lots of nice shorts.

After that we came down to the restaurant at ONSEN@MONCHAM where there is a nice Japanese restaurant which I planned to take them to try. 

Actually, this restaurant is inside the resort, and they also have onsen, but we prefer to have lunch with stunning view only.

There is variety menu, and we all picked the favorite one.

Yui’s menu

And my menu

All food is so good and also signature drink. As I’m not coffee lover so I always ask for tea, and they have good tea here.

We were enjoying lunch and then left to check in at BAANMONMUAN I like this place and stayed there 3 times already. This resort is difference from others. They did not change the environment and themselves never change as well. Whenever I travel to Mon Cham already, I always stay there.

We checked in the afternoon in 2 rooms and three of them really enjoy taking photo with every corner of resort. Meanwhile, I was enjoying spending the time with my laptop to check my works.

After checked in around 10 minutes. Mr.Bank who is a lovely staff brought us a big fruit basket. This place is really good to make you feel like staying home even just sit with your computer and work, but the place make you feel happy working than in the city office.

First day dinner was at the resort with mountains view.

We are 4 persons and below is our menu.

All food is good and special drink for me. This is just red apple and grape which Mr.Bank served us as welcome fruit but staff at restaurant blend them together with some ice-cubes without syrup, but natural taste is the best.

We were enjoying dinner and finished all food. Then we walked back to our room and spent the night peacefully.

DAY 2 – In the morning, there was sprinkling rain, but it made the weather so fresh. I woke up at 6am as usual and packed all luggage then moved to the big terrace at lobby to enjoy the view with my laptop to check some works again while waiting for others for breakfast.

Our lite breakfast was American set and boiled rice with fresh mushroom and shrimp, I really love this menu.

We left Baan Mon Muan and continue to the highlight in this area because all of them who are coffee lover still did not have any cup this morning.

The WTF coffee camp is our coffee destination on that day. It located inside the Kasalong Resort. But to situated inside the resort doesn’t mean the normal resort’s coffee shop but this place is very nice.

The location is next to the beautiful waterfall which we were enjoying coffee & tea (for me) and stunning view of mountains, water fall and forest.

We spent around 30 minutes there and then move to next stop which is Lung Detch’s tea plantation. That was a place for our lunch.

Lung Detch’s plantation is located around 1.30hrs from WTF Coffee camp. And because the location is on the top of the mountain so the view which we saw was so nice.

We ordered local menu there for lunch. Spicy salad of fish can and tea leaf. 

Thai omelet with tea leaf

And all good is good (again). But as usual, they have 2 part of stomach separate main course and dessert.

So, we completed our lunch with 2 pieces of cake.

Left the plantation and went down to the city. Mae Rim area is famous for flower garden, and they want to get some nice shots there, so we dropped by to Pa Nok Aeang’s flower garden.

Yui came here before with me, and she had lots of nice pictures already, so she preferred to wait under the shade.

Pum and Pui were enjoying collect the nice pictures of them around the garden.

This is 3rd time I visit this garden, but I think this one is the best in the same area as they keep maintenance and decoration to make a garden livelier than just flower.

We left the flower garden and continue to the city to check in at hotel. Just 30 minutes after checked in everyone were ready to go out again. Not for dinner but for shopping, same shop as always “Papang shop”.

After that we walk direct to Thapae gate but not for picture but there is a grilled café which I want to take Pum and Pui try.

And here was our dinner.

After dinner we walk back to our hotel and look like they all were out of battery and need some rest.

Day 3 - It was Saturday, and it was a day for big local product market which I really like “Jing Jai Market” I visit there every time I travel to Chiang Mai and I want to take them to see maybe they also like it.

And I was right, we finally spent half day at the market, and they were enjoying shopping. And it was time for lunch, so P Man suggest a good local restaurant “ Khao Soi Mae Sai” It is small restaurant but crowded with local people and foreigner.

And we ordered these menus.

The tastes of all food were so good.

I like this one the most.

Next to the restaurant is a yogurt shop and Yui got a cup of yogurt. 

Since the weather forecast show that it might be raining so we decided to travel around city today. And we start with the Suan Dok temple but unfortunately there was a ceremony is coming so they are preparing and decorating so we cannot get inside area.

So, we left the temple and continue to Baan Khang Wat community where there are lots of local houses which turned to be small shop and selling their own created products.

I was waiting for them at ice-cream shop while there were enjoying shopping around.

Until it was late evening, and it was dinner time again. I brought them to a beautiful restaurant in the garden “Kalae” but it was raining heavily so we cannot walk around the garden.

However, it was very nice dinner and the food also good.

Since it was raining so we returned to hotel after dinner for relax instead of going out for night tour.

Day 4 - It was Sunday and Pum and Pui still want to shop at Jing Jai Market again. So, we went there, and I let them walk around the market while I got delicious snack.

And cute souvenir for my niece

They came back with lots of bags. I understand them, as they both living in America and then hard to find local products (with good quality) from Thailand and reasonable prices. So, they were really happy to travel to Chiang mai this time.

We left the market, and I took them to a small coffee shop “Early Owls”. A small shop in big land which turned from old house.

I like this place, their big green yard and small pond in the middle make this house look perfect (in my opinion). I like owls with some reason, so I like their concept of decoration.

We ordered some drinks and bakery because we did not have breakfast at hotel today, so this is our lite breakfast before big lunch.

We spent around 1 hour there and finally left for another Instagram check in point called “Mae Kah canal” Actually, it was just a local community along the small canal but the way the way they renovated and make all area to be nice for tourist walking and local people can do exercise in the morning and evening.

Three of them enjoy walking and get nice shots.

The more we walk the more we hungry, Yui said. Then we moved to restaurant for lunch. And today lunch was Isan food. P Man suggest us try this restaurant “Som Tum Soi Tantawan”’. Because this restaurant is famous for local people with good prices.

And we all agreed.

I like the way they manage staff and take care clients. Big restaurant. Customers do self-services to pick up plate, spoon, glass, fresh vegetable for side dish, so all staff concentrate to serve food as soon as possible after receive order. Food served to table very fast, and the taste is good.

After lunch, we continue to the art street “Chang Moi” where there are lots of shops for handmade cloths and accessories for lady. And there is a big shop of basketry product. Pui got some souvenir for her friends in America. 

Before we return to hotel Yui requested to visit “Silver Temple” Sri Suphan temple in Wua Lai road, so we dropped there for worship.

And in late evening we decided go out to walking street which I can say that it is the biggest walking street in Thailand “Thapae walking street”. They were enjoying shopping while I’m enjoy street food like this spicy grilled squid and also ice-cream with soft bread and topping with peanut.

After long day and because it was last night in Chiang mai so we decided to return to hotel more early for packing.

Day 5 - It was Monday and we checked out from hotel around 8.30am we skipped breakfast at hotel because I suggested them to have breakfast outside with beautiful view of waterfall “Take a walk” is that place.

This place is on the way to Mae Kam Pong village, so we dropped there for late breakfast.

This is hidden place which you have to park the car outside and walk around 800m to the café. Along the small walkway passing the local people houses and rice field.

Cross the bridge and then we reached

The café built by wood and situated close to the waterfall. The green view of forest and the sound of waterfall make us feel so relax.

They were enjoying the drink and breakfast.

My menu is simple but delicious

We continued to next stop which I visit many times, but Pum and Pui requested to us go again. I was drizzling rain there so we walked for a few minutes then stop under the roof at a café “Lung Pud Pa Peng” actually, this café is popular but because today was Monday so we can get table.

We decided to have lite lunch there with some signature dishes and drink because we planned to have lunch at organic café with steak.

After the rain stop, we came down to the community mall close to airport and had lunch at “Oh Ka Jhu”.

I ordered fish while Yui ordered porkchop and Pum Pui ordered rip-eyes. I like their salad with fresh vegetable. Pumkin soup also good.

We finished lunch but they still look for some dessert. Then we moved to “The Volcano” bakery shop.

And the here is some of our order.

We completed our 5 days trip in Chiang Mai which the itinerary was full of food and shopping but seem everyone were happy with this trip. We left Chiang mai with late evening flight by Nok Air and arrived at Bangkok with full of memories.

Myself, I love travel even to the same places because I believe that all the trip always has good and difference memories which you can create and share to your friends. So, I’m thinking about next trip now.


 Tuesday, October 4, 2022 8:38 PM