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This review was still from Ace the dude. It was a part of the full trip which total of 3 reviews continuously from the last one.

Let me refer a bit to the last review. The trip happened because Ace the dude got the free tickets to Season of Love Song 12 at Suanphuang, Ratchaburi, not the accommodation included. He and his friends chooses a resort located not far from the concert location named Morning Glory The Bakery House.

This trip departed from Bangkok at 9 o'clock in the morning, running through the Nakhon Pathom route. We set up a Google Map of the accommodation which was located about 400 mm from the Suanpheung sub-district office and turned into Soi 8 in another 3 km. The accommodation area made us wow. Because the decoration was decorated like being in a fairy story. There was a rabbit farm, which uncle the owner has taken care of himself. Uncle said that he sat watching the rabbits all day because he liked them very much.

There is also a cafe inside the accommodation, which is cutely decorated and liked by women and children as well. The room style looked like in a fairy tale as well. There are beautiful and adorable photographic points for taking photos. If you don't feel the hot weather and the staff speak Thai Our gang thought this place was Europe too.

The accommodation was a room on the ground floor of a large white house. When opened, the room has a clean white color. and when we opened the bathroom. It is quite wide. and has a jacuzzi tub. The owner of the resort has taken good care of it since welcoming them. and constantly asking for convenience.

After lunch, Ace the dude, and the Gang drove to see a concert. It was late back to the resort. There is also the sound of music floating in the wind. We enjoyed listening to the music in the room. Another good point of this accommodation is to see fireworks from the music fair shooted to the sky from afar. It was so beautiful. 

Breakfast was included in the accommodation fee. It was a set of bread, fried egg, and boiled rice. Oh, don't forget to order the hot tea set. You could choose to eat with scones or cake, or sat outside. It felt like staying in a castle in Europe.

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