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Now is a winter season everywhere but in Thailand it is still hot everywhere even in Winter. However, most people are heading to the Northern of Thailand where they might get some cold weather, enjoy the foggy sea and camping on the top of the mountain. Today, we are not going where people are heading but we are going the sea. The sea in winter is also beautiful than you can imagine. Alright then let's find out>>>

Our destination is Laoliang Beach, Trang

We start our journey by Nok Air to Trang, there are 3 flights a day from Bangkok to Trang. As we do not want to waste any time so we have checked-in online.

During the flight, there is free WiFi on board so we can share every moment while we are on the sky. The flight time is about 1.20 hrs.

When we arrive, staff from Laoliang Beach, Koh Laoliang will come to pick us up at the airport and take us to the island. Before that we have to stop by and find something to eat first.

Then we go to the pier which take only about 15-20 minutes to get to there.

But it takes 1 hour to get to Koh Laoliang.

Finally, we have arrived...Let's discover the island...Yahoo!!!!

It is very shady on the island as it covers by these trees. Moreover, there are many corners that we can sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Alright, let's see where are we going to stay tonight...O_O

Inside the tent is quite big and providing mattress, electronic fan, and lamp. The electricity generator is on during 5.00pm. to 9.00am. For Bathroom is shared bathroom but separate men and women. Moreover, there is phone signal so do not worry you can update everything on you page.

On Koh Laoliang, Laoliang beach is the only place for overnight stay where also provide food and drinks which is including in the package; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, if you would like to buy anything from grocery shop it is also not too expensive.

The taste of food is very tasty. We can bring food or snack to the island but it should not contain pork as ingredient.

And now let's see what we can do on the island>>>

The most famous activity is snorkelling in the clear sea water and white sand which is very peaceful. Let's see the under water world.

We can see clown fishes snorkeling here (do not have to go out too far).

or diving at the diving point at Koh Laoliang Pee (South Laoliang) (You can buying a diving package with accommodation for this trip).

Unfortunately, It is raining while we are diving so we have to get back on the boat.This area has a lot of soft corals and corralling that we have not seen. However, we still have some lucks that dolphin is here near by us. We are still very lucky to have this moment.

After that we stop by on Koh Laoliang Pee for taking photos. This island is reserved for Edible bird's nests

That's why we cannot stay overnight here but can only stop by for photos.

Apart from diving or snorkeling, there are many activities that we can do on this island such as sit back relax and chill out with he atmosphere around us.

Or do cliff climbing (at the beach front near our camping area)

Or Beach volleyball

Or even kayaking and enjoying the beautiful sunset

As we have been snorkeling and diving all day so we just take the boat to see the sunset between the islands.

If anyone interested in the activities listed above, you can contact the resort for arraignment. we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Selfie in the twilight while the sunset.

Oops!!!, how can captain come to take a photo here, who is control the boat ahh!!!!

At night, if it is a clear sky, we can lay down count the star by the beach. It is another activities that we have never done and could not be done any where else but here. Moreover, we can also do some promenade to see hairy leg mountain crab and beautiful stalactite as well.

And this is the atmosphere that we have enjoyed so much at Laoliang Beach. It is our first time to stay in a tent beside Andaman Sea which is the best memory and experience ever. It is very peaceful and private as there are not many people know about it. Moreover, there are so many activities that we can do while staying here. We can really rest and relax here and come back home with full energy. If you have some times, I would recommend you to isolate yourself and come to the island because it feels really good.

You do not have to believe me, just try it out by yourself.

Come to the end of the journey, see you on the next trip...

If you have any question or need more information, you can visit our page at : www.facebook.com/9aooddy.travel

Thank you very much and goodbye



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