Sleep on Uthawitee train to climb up to Doi Luang Chiang Dao to make yourself afflicted and get down to relax at Hmong Hilltribe Lodge Resort written by มะนาวก้าวเดิน

Manow Gao Dern's journey is willing to go to Doi Luang Chiang Dao. Mr.Manai only has to accept his destiny! Wildlife Sanctuary Chiang Dao opens for tourist to visit for 5 months since 1st November to 31st March of every year. Doi Luang Chiang Dao limits people to travel up to the top of mountain.

Sleep on Uthawitee train to climb up to Doi Luang Chiang Dao to make yourself afflicted and get down to relax

Sleep on Uthawitee train to climb up to Doi Luang Chiang Dao to make yourself afflicted and get down to relax at Hmong Hilltribe Lodge Resort

 Sunday, April 2, 2017 7:03 PM

 Travel date:  Sunday, April 2, 2017

Manow Gao Dern's journey is willing to go to Doi Luang Chiang Dao. Mr.Manai only has to accept his destiny! Wildlife Sanctuary Chiang Dao opens for tourist to visit for 5 months since 1st November to 31st March of every year. Doi Luang Chiang Dao limits people to travel up to the top of mountain. They accept no more than 150 people. I choose to go there on 1st March because I don't want to suffer from the cold weather and I like to travel when only few people are visiting the place. When I go there, there are just 15 people and I feel really happy.

Before journey begins, I Contact Mr.Max (Guide Max, to guide us to Doi Luang Chiang Dao), his contact number is 083-321-3300. This is the package tour. Mr.Max takes care of everything, including tour guide, guide follower, meals and shuttle bus from the Chiang Dao terminal station, 2,600 Baht per person. (This trip is for one night. If you want to stay for another night, the price per person is 3,000 Baht and of course, if you go with more people, the price will be cheaper).

Don't forget!! To buy a new train tickets in advance for almost a month because a lot of people will travel to northern part and it may be very fast sale. The express train ''Uthawitee'' the route from Bangkok - Chiang Mai – Bangkok, the second class ticket price for the low bunk is 881 baht and the upper one is 791 baht.

I think I will be very tired after I go down from the Doi Luang Chiang Dao so I decide to book a room at Hmong Hilltribe Lodge resort The unique natural and cultural boutique resort in Chiang Mai Province. You can check price from the website>>

Departure day, finally I come to check the platform, time, and train's name first.

Then find the view to shoot the photo because this is Manow Gao Dern style.

Near the travelling time nowww! Let's get on the train and feel some cold air from air conditioning on my seat.

This is the second time that I use a new train service. This is the first time, I buy first class ticket hahaha, so it makes me look so posh. You can read the reviews from this trip. > >.

This time I choose the second class ticket. If I always make myself high then I will not have enough money to travel.

Not more than 5 minutes for the train to get off from the platform, I sit not so long and see the sky turns dark. Then the staff come to make the bed.

Sleep or sit is so comfortable !

Soon everyone fall asleep. In first class, it looks private, the door is locked, turn the light off then sleep safely.

Second class turn on the light all the time. For CCTV security camera to clearly see a face of thief, I just imagine by myself. I don't sleep well, I should take a blindfold with me and the air condition is very cold. You guy should bring sweater and socks with you too.

Waking up in the morning and go to have breakfast, coffee at the food counter.

This is the coldest place on the train, just sitting less than ten minutes and I give up!

This trip, I make a video uploaded on Youtube during the trip. Hope you will like it.

07: 30. We are late for a few minutes, then we reach at Chiang Mai railway station now.

We both take the red car to go to Chang phuak bus station, the price is 120 baht.

Run, run to take another bus at Chiang Dao bus station 50 Baht per person. It takes around half and hour.

At first there are not many people, after that the car is fulled of people !

Arrive at Chiang Dao Bus station. Followers of guide Max come to pick up us .This is the first time that I sit on the car and go up to the mountain. It is very funny.

It takes time more than a hour, the route is tough during the way we go up, down, left and right until we reach Khun Huai Mae Kok Forest Protection Unit. After we get off the car, we have lunch and receive a drinking bottle of water.( I was afraid I don't have enough bottle of water, so I take many bottles and let's Manai carries lol) We sit and have lunch , and go to toilet before start the journey.

Exploring the route at the guide post , there is only one way, going up way lol. Let's hope we don't die. There are only 15 points, I count on the post.

We start from Khun Huai Mae Kok Forest Protection Unit, Dan Ya Kud Road 8.5 KM.

This is the face of 4 France tourists 4, Manow, Manai and Guide and other 2 followers will come to join us later.

Keep walking on, but ah! How I am alone all the way !? They walk very fast.

We reach the cross way to go up Doi Luang Chiang Dao, both lines are converge, When we go back we will walk down to Pang Wua route, The distance is 6.5km. short distance but steep and look Horror!

The sun is burning here., I have already drank water more than one and a half gallon, but don't dare to pee because l afraid of the snake...

While I am bullying with Mr.Manai, I see one of the trip member feel so excited with Hin Tao (stone turtle)

I'm afraid you guy don't see it, here zooming the photo to clearly see it. It is really a turtle.

Sometimes we walk in the shade area, and we find a cold stone, making us feel like don't want to keep going on. It makes our body relax.

It is almost 16: 00 pm when we walk to the tent point. We spend almost 5 hours. French tourists are so strong, they walk fast, strong and also rush. After I arrived, I go to eat one slice of bread and a hot Ovatine which I can't even finish drinking it because we have to go on.

That high peak is Doi Luang Chiang Dao!

I am very tired but I have to endure because I haven't reached the highest point where the sign DOI Luang Chiang Dao is located yet.

And for a minute later, French tourists are going to arrive at Doi Luang Chiang Dao!

Cheer up Mr.Manai ! I am following you.

Very tired

Hours later I stand at the Top of Doi Luang Chiang Dao, I want to cry out because I am very tired, I hurriedly take a photo to make us look cool.

It is me who can conquer Doi Luang Chiang Dao, its height is 2,225 meters over the sea water level. Oh Oh Oh, how good I am.

After that I be a model for Mr.Manai to take a picture.

I don't exactly know what the name of the mountain and I don't care now. Actually every mountain is beautiful. I come here because I love it.

I observe people around and from my count, around 15 people are visiting Doi Luang Chiang Dao.

Before I get out of the highest point, a peak point of Doi Luang Chiang Dao, I take one more picture because I don't know when I will have a chance to visit it again.

Time up to see the view, we might fall down from the mountain if the sky turns dark. P.S. When walking up the mountain or traveling through the forest, don't forget to take a flashlight with you like what I do hahahaha. A tasty foods are ready for us when we get down the mountain. We talk in English while eating but what funny point is when I ask people of where the toilet is and they point to two different points and say it's up to me to choose where to go hahahaha. Tonight I take a bath by using a wet tissue and put a powder on the body and go to sleep because tomorrow we have to wake up at 4.00 am...

Last night I can't sleep because the sound of the heavy wind blow and it likes the rain is going to fall. Sometimes there is a cold wind blow which cause a depth cold in my bone too. My head gets wet in the morning and the tent is fulled of the dew but I am still strong and want to keep going on the journey. I have to accomplish the program I have set up in mind.

Now I am at the highest point of Doi Kiew Lom, the sky is not lighted up yet. The guide serve a hot coffee, bread, I feel so enjoyable. Then we anxiously wait for the first light to appear.

Doi Kiew Lom is located at 2,140 meters above sea water level. The peak point of Doi Kiew Lom is passionate and surrounded by the mountain.

Taking a couple picture to affirm that Mr.Manai and I arrive here together at the 4th mountain.

We both agree with our group that the sun can't fight with a group of cloud. We are going to get down from Doi Kiew Lom and better have breakfast.

Not so long, not even 3 minutes pass after I get down from the mountain to see the sunlight. Then I hurriedly take a picture with the sun at Kiew Lom.

We are going down slowly from the peak of Doi Kiew Lom.

I feel to get down so quickly from the mountain. Our guide lead us to walk to another side to see the view.

Our chef (guide's follower) have already prepared a big meal of breakfast for us when we arrive at the tent. They take a very good care of us and we feel so happy.

I have to eat a lot to compensate the loss in energy.

After we finish breakfast, then we agree to go down from Doi Luang Chiang Dao because we would not feel hot.

Everyone is walking in front of me as usual that I sometimes also feel touchy Mr.Manai. Aoww! Is there anything relates to Mr.Manai?! hahahaha.

At the end, no matter how fast they walk, I still can catch up them because they take a rest here first since the way to get down of Pang Wua is very steep that people have to cried out.

I keep the camera and intend to keep walking on only. It takes around 3 hours to walk down from the mountain. I am little concerned that my nail head will break out like what's happened during Kao Luang Sukothai trip. You can read that trip review of mine from >>

Why I have to visit this place?? because of this sign "The highest point of Doi Luang Chiang Dao, located in Wildlife Sanctuary Chiang Dao area, at 2,225 meters above the sea water level". It is the third highest mountain of the country and Doi Kiew Lom is located at 2,140 meters above sea water level. I can see the beautiful view of two places which located on the peak of the mountain from this trip. It is worth dedicated, I feel proud to visit it and believe that many people want to visit it too. There are many choices and many reviews and many ways to travel, you better study traveling way to see nature, hiking, climbing up the mountain. So enjoyable.

Summary the expense of this round trip at Doi Luang Chiang Dao. The new trains for 2 night. Sleeping on the peak of the mountain for 1 night.

Trip expense for 1 night on the peak of Doi Luang Chiang Dao is 2,600 Baht/person

New second class sleeper train expense for round trip is 881 Baht x 2 : 1,762 Baht/person

Train expense from Chiang Mai train station to Chang Phuak bus station is 60 Baht/person

Round trip expense from Chang Phuak bus station to Chiang Dao bus station ( If you are not going to Hmong Hilltribe Lodage Chiang Mai) is 100 Baht/person

Total cost is 4,522 Baht/person

Exclude small expense from snack and drink during the trip..

After taking a bath, have a meal then the staffs send us to Chiang Dao bus station. They provide a good service and take a very good care of us. Who feel interested about the trip to Doi Luang Chiang Dao, please contact them at this page >> Telephone no. 083-321-3300

The bus cost 30 Baht/person to Mae Rim.

We chatter the bus to drop us at Hmong Hill tribe Lodge Chiang Mai and tomorrow afternoon they will come to pick up us from the accommodation to Chiang Mai train station. The price is 1,400 Baht, not expensive, convenience and enjoyable too. I have Mr.Pom phone number that provide a travelling guide service here 082-894-6255 and 098-821-7644. The price is friendly, whoever plan to go to Chiang Mai and want to to find a car, you can contact them.

Hmong Hill tribe Lodge Chiang Mai Hotel is located at Tambon Mae Raem, Amphur Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. Telephone: 02-642-5497, it is located near Doi Mon Jam.

( )

I choose Hmong Hill tribe Lodge because I want to take a rest from hiking on Doi Luang Chiang Dao but still love to stay like Hmong tribe and want to feel an art and culture of Hmong Hill tribe.

and this is my Hmong hill tribe housing style. The weather is cold even it is in March which make me want to fire a bonfire.

Some house has a bonfire inside but I choose the house that has bonfire in front of it.

The accommodation was decorated with local Thai village style too. Things inside the room are weaved in a real Hmong style.

But still keep a convenience sense. I have to go to take a shower in a RAIN SHOWER style to make myself fresh. I miss a flush toilet a lot after going to Doi Luang Chiang Dao for 2 days one night hahaha.

No air conditioner in the room but!! there is a heater instead Huuu!! It makes me numb that will the weather becomes cold like other country so I try to turn on it in the afternoon and the result is.. I am sweating, let I try to turn it on tonight again.

Refrigerator, tea, coffee, kettle are all provided but no television here because they force us to walk and see a green environment.

A wide comfortable and beautiful corner of the room. I am so enjoyable to drink a coffee and breath in a cold air here.

After finish taking a bath, I come to have a cold drink here beside the swimming pool, the price of the drink is reasonable.

Most customers of Hmong Hilltribe Lodge are foreigners that love peacefulness, nature and Hmong arts style.

I am hungry now. We are sitting and waiting for a barbecue dinner.

She looks real Thai. I feel so enjoyable seeing things here.

It's 19.00 pm., time for dinner.

There are both Thai and foreign food. There are organic vegetables which they plant by themselves. The vegetables are sweet, delicious and definitely good for health. I scoop the food 2-3 times hahahaha.

A sweet corner, focus on Thai dessert and fruits, tea, coffee. It is my favorite corner.

20:30 pm. after dinner is an art and cultural show, show lifestyle of the Hmong people, traditional tribe that live around the accommodation. It is considered as a highlight show of Hmong Hill tribe Lodge.

The end of the show, I request to take picture with Hmong superstar so that I can sleep well tonight.

I wake up in a late morning, my leg is tight, ache and pain from climbing up and down Doi Luang Chiang Dao.

The weather is cold, full of foreigners who go out to touch with the light sunshine and go to have breakfast together.

I eat a lot to compensate the lost in energy but my weight may goes up to 70 kg. now

No one is in the swimming pool yeah!! so I try using my favorite camera YI 4K Action Camera.

Hmong Hill tribe Lodge Resort Chiang Mai I haven't travel around the area yet because there are a lot of places I can walk and visit the cold vegetable garden plot, visit the flower demonstration plot during winter, see their lifestyle, see craft things from tribe here. I would come back again during winter.

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now it's time to go back to become urban people, work hard and collect money to go out and chase the dream...

Thank You for support, always give interest to travelling story of Manow Gao Dern and see you again in the next trip..

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