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Grab a cambric, wear panung and travel at UNSEEN natural site in city center of Tak | Kepkrapao


#countryside has no place to vist.

Within nothing,

"there's something".

Today I will bring you guys to travel in countryside. To experience livelihood of locals in "Tak Province", my hometown. I want you to touch Thai way of life in chic style.I will bring you to see lotus lake, unlike red lotus lake at Udon thani or Bungkan. It is called Sacred Lotus or Nelumbo Patoom. The location definitely remind you of a movie "Plae Kao". Ream is unbearable, my love (movie score comes to my head, haha).

This place is considered as unseen attraction of Tak. Very less people know this beautiful site hidden in the city center. It is only 5 minutes from main road.

For this photo, I didn't use Photoshop at all. The birds are real giving minimal feels.

This place is called "Nhong Luang". The name already implies the size of swamp. Lotus here naturally grows over the fen. If you come in the morning, you will see blooming pink lotus. Also, this lotus swamp is an origin of "lotus seed" as well as source of income for villagers too. They collect lotus pod and root in the morning, late morning, afternoon and evening to sell. It is a hard moment to see and find. I want everyone to try eat this. It's not expensive at all. Lotus pod is sold in bunch while lotus is peeled and sold in pack. Only 10THB.

Some catch fish which the hook is very classically made from long branch with chord. Manually yank the hook when the fish eats bait. Sometime you may see a crowd of cows or goats that locals are herding on the road. Very exciting, haha. Locals live in a simple way but happy.

And evening is a prime time for exercising; some jog and some ride bicycle. So, this place isn't lonesome. If you are passing by Tak, please visit to see lotus and scenery view as well as learn livelihood of Tak people. The view around Nhong Luang is gorgeous especially when sunset. You will see the lake in pink due to sunlight reflection. I would say simply snazzy :")

Lastly I wish you would pack your bags and try living in rural area for few days. Just leave the work, tiredness and everything. Living slow and simple life can make you learn many things. Because "countryside" has something that "city" doesn't have and can't have. So, lots of people choose to travel, rest and live here ... at countryside <3

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/xKj3xvvVUjr


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