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Travel in Phrae, Mauhom and Thung Hong

Phrae review

Travel in Phrae, Mauhom and Thung Hong

a small one-day-trip in Phrae where I get to stay at very nice ambiance hotel, The Indigo House Phrae.

Try dyeing Mauhom fabric with Pa Ngium and experience livelihood of Thai Phuen at Thung Hong.

We strat at Phrae's transit hub by getting on a mini-bus with a label Rob Vieng, Thung Hong-Rob Vieng, THB20. The hotel we are staying is The Indigo House Phrae. GPS: https://her.is/2lWQUIf

The Indigo House Phrae is decorated in white and indigo tone. Each room is designed in relaxing atmosphere, like staying home, with teakwood furniture and unique products of Phrae. The price is ranging from THB800 to THB1400 suitable for either family or solo. Breakfast includes pan-fried egg, boiled rice with shrimp, red BBQ pork with rice, clear soup with congealed pork blood and etc. based on what we order at counter. Tel: 054063211, 0910674298

And there is coffee shop at ground floor called Kram Cafe.

Then we tour around Mauhom shirt zone.

After visiting various shops, we start to wonder about process. So, we want to see how they make it. We therefore go to Baan Pa Ngium which is 50m. from hotel. There is large blue label in front of the house. Once we go inside, we find Thung Charoen Baan Pa Ngium Community Center. Pa Ngium personally welcome visitors by herself. Here, visitors will get a chance to try dyeing by themselves. They can try with shirt, pants or handkerchief available in low price For example, handkerchief is THB10-20 depending on size. Pa Ngium demonstrates dyeing process by dipping the fabric into prepared indigo pot which made from Hom tree. It is a natural method. So, it won't be harmful to environment. Let's see how they do.

In the evening, we relax at our preferences. At early morning of the next day, around 6.30AM, we walk to Thung Hong market in order to offer food to monks. And also to see livelihood of Thai Phuen people at Thung Hong.

Thank you for reading Phrae travel blog. Stay tuned for our next trip. Goodbye.

Written by : Bigboss

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/phrae.review

Photography : Phrae&review Studio

Companions : Nong Chat, Nong Namking and others