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Sri Panwa Phuket - It's a Paradise of Luxury & Comfort

Shayan Naveed

Ever since I saw pictures on Instagram of Sri Panwa through the eyes of many bloggers and celebrities, I knew I had to go there one day. When I checked the prices for the rooms, I knew it was beyond my reach. A thing of dreams.

Well being a blogger over the past 2 years finally paid off when we were approved to spend one sponsored night there. We just had to pick a date. After thinking about it for a while, I decided my birthday would be the perfect fit.

Rent a car and drive there

We decided it was best to drive to Sri Panwa from the airport since it is over an hour away. They have shuttle service too but we like to drive.

An hour or so later, we arrive at the resort. Much to our pleasure, we were greeted at the reception by extremely warm and friendly staff who treated with the utmost care as they smiled and made conversations.

My dream had come true. We had finally stepped foot into Sri Panwa, a magical and mystical resort of luxury, comfort and pure bliss.

The property itself is a large estate of pool villas, penthouses, clubhouse, swimming pools, fitness centers and so much more. It is simply massive that you actually need to ride their 24/7 tuk tuk service (or your own car if you have one).

Be careful though, the hills are really steep at some places. If you like to walk/hike, then this is best for you.

The staff then showed us where everything is on a map and how to get there. They then took us to our room and explained everything we needed to know about our room, services and the different offerings Sri Panwa holds.

A bit tired from the travels, we quickly made us of our room comforts. The infinity pool was the first and only thing we had our mind (and heart) set on even before we reached.

We quickly blew up our Pegasus float-y and plunged into the pool. We grabbed some complimentary beers from the fridge too (among other snacks that were included in the stay) to enhance the relaxation experience.


right after taking this photo, Kanika freaked out because she thought she was going to go over the side of the pool. We are on the 4th floor as well. So in panic, she rolls off the side of Mr. Pegasus and the force flings it off the poolside. I couldn't grab either one as I'm outside taking photos and I literally see this happening in slow motion. I run down to check on Pegasus and hoping no one was injured…but mainly making sure the float is fine =)
Much to my horror, the trees had poked a massive hole in the float. We had killed it =(

Lots to do, see and eat

Other than chilling in the room and the pool, there are so many things you can do at Sri Panwa. They have over 9 or 10 restaurants each serving different type of cuisine. Obviously there is Thai, fusion, BBQ and international. They also have Japanese and Chinese restaurants. If you feel like cooking, they even have a cooking school!

Sri Panwa is also equipped with a massive fitness center including a boxing ring. Entertainment is common through out the week with local and international DJs spinning house/tech music. If your private pool is not enough, they have 3 or 4 other pools spread across the property.

If the hotel itself gets a bit boring, you can go to the beach for some kayaking, paddleboarding or snorkeling. If money is no object, hire a private yacht to take you out to sea for some island hopping. The opportunities here are endless.

I opted for some paddleboarding since it is a lot of fun a good workout! Look at what I found out in the sea!

One thing we missed was the stunning rooftop bar Baba Nest. We wanted to spend my birthday there but there was a wedding going on. That was a bit unfortunate. The views from here are incredible as you get almost a 360 degree view of the Andaman sea.

Here is a 180 degree panoramic view.

Overall, our 1 night stay in Sri Panwa was amazing. Stunning views, first class service and luxe experiences but without the pretentious feel made this one of the best stays ever. Thank you Sri Panwa, till we meet again. Hopefully, very soon.