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Nook Dee Boutique Resort Phuket - where hills meet the sea

Shayan Naveed

If there is one thing I like when I travel, it is to experience both the sea and the mountains in one destination. Phuket is one of those places but it's still not everywhere on this island where you can experience it. Patong and other similar beach areas are too crowded and the hill pass is quite far behind. So where can you find such a place?

If you decide to stay somewhere that has both the beach and lush green mountain, then Nook Dee should be your first choice. Behold this gorgeous and elegant but humble boutique resort nestled in the hills of Kata beach Just check out this drone video we found of the resort.

The design of the hotel is also very nice. It is modern and chic with a twist of Thai hospitality to it. Just the way we like it.

Social Staff

It's not just the location and design that makes Nook Dee so unique. It's the sheer humbleness, five-star service and friendliness of the staff that stole our hearts.

I always say to my friends and anyone else. A beautiful hotel or delicious restaurant will make me go there once but what will make me keep coming back is the feeling I got. The experience that is made up of interactions with staff and other guests is what sets the place apart from others.

In this case, we were extremely impressed.

Rooms, views and the pool

We were checked into the Deluxe Jacuzzi room which as the name aptly explains, had its own outdoor Jacuzzi! And it's directly straight when you enter the main door.

To the left was the bedroom, through another door and ceiling-to-ceiling windows (which also open up).

The room itself was quite cozy with a modern design and touch of Thai-ness.

First thing my wife did was snuggle into the bed to test out the mattress. Hmmm, so soft!

I had other thoughts. I decided to check out the balcony view. It was just incredible, as it snuggled between lush green hills and a serene blue sea. What a blend of contrasting colors, don't you think?!

Next it was some pool time. We took some laps and hung out by the pool that also overlooked the hills on one side and beach on the other.

At sunset we made our way up to the rooftop garden where we were mesmerized by a stunning sunset. A trail of rainbow colors that danced around us, ever changing as the day transitioned into night.

As we sipped on our cocktails, the sky slowly went from orange and yellow hues to purple, pinks and blue. Simply a spectacular show of colors.

Seafood & BBQ Dinner

Every Friday, Nook Dee holds a seafood and BBQ dinner buffer in their reception garden area. We were lucky to stay during this night as the food was impeccably good.

Price: THB 999++ per person. The seafood is fresh and is sourced directly from their fisherman. Reservations are recommended

To pair with food, we bought a bottle of Thai wine (from Hua Hin) and had a wonderful feast and a good nights sleep for the long journey ahead the next day.

Till next time Nook Dee. Our stay was dee dee maak.