This will be my third time for bringing my feet to step on the flat beach, which is called " Larn"

I feel like I am possessed by the hipster, I have packed my bag with 2 clothes and come to this place alone.

At first, I thought that three thousand baht will not be enough for this trip but it is eventually more than enough lol.

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I wake up quite early heading to Victory monument in order to take the public van to Koh Larn. The public van to Koh Larn is on the Koh Phaya Thai side.

The fee is THB 100 per person, the public van will take you to the pier. I highly recommend you to take the van at 06.00 am

because it takes around 1-2 hours from Bangkok to Koh Larn, I would like to reach there before 08.00 am to catch the boat from the pier to Kor Larn in the morning as well as have plenty of time to enjoy our trip even more.

2 hours has been passé so quickly, I finally reach Pattaya. I take a little nap on the van.

Once I wake up, I can see the pier from this point. Furthermore, I also see many people over here while getting off the public van.

There are various tourist tours such as Russian tour, Chinese tour and Korean tour.

I behave like I have ever been to this place for 10 already, I continue walking to the pier and but the ticket for the boat directly.

The boat with crowd passengers is going to depart soon, the people are in queue to get into the boat

For those who have bought the ticket at the pavilion, they are able to show ticket to the staffs before getting into the boat. For those who have not bought the ticket yet, they just simply pay in cash to staffs before getting into the boat.

For those people who will feel dizzy easily, I recommend to sit in the middle zone or at the end zone of the boat.

For those who would like to chill out, they are able to wander around in front of the boat or take a photo and post it on facebook.

It takes about 30 - 35 minutes from Koh Larn to Nah Ban Pier.

I just kill time by playing facebook and listening to a few song only and I finally reach Koh Larn quite fast. Meanwhile, I would also like to recommend this song " Koh Larn is far from Love"

After getting off from the boat, I recommend to find some place to rent a motorbike because it will be very convenient.

There will be some people to approach us as if I am a super star, they have offered us the price for the transportation at 300 or 350 baht but I just simply ignore them.

I continue walking and look on my left hand side, I see grocery shop 7-11 as well as discover big sign written:

"Motorbike for rent 200 Baht / day " After reading the sign, I am reluctant to contact this shop.

The shop owner has kept my driving license, I can get it back once I return the motorbike.

How to get to the detention? No worry about this, I also attach the map for you.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้

As my concept is to be hipster, so there is no need to make the reservation for the accommodation. So it is time to search for the place to stay.

The purpose is to find anywhere to sleep or if you do not prefer to sleep, you prefer to get drunk. You are able to find some nice restaurant to chill out.

As I have ever been here for 2-3 times already and I would like to recommend you one of my favorite restaurant near 7-11

It is Khun Suphot restaurant, the menu price is cheap and the food is delicious. Please feel free to recharge to energy before continuing your trip.

I continue my riding, I have found Department of Forestry. I decide to visit this place.

I come across to see the sign indicating about the accommodation. I call and discuss about the accommodation as per given number in order to have a look at the accommodation. Once I open the door and I discover that I will be only person to stay in this house. It is the house of the staff at Department of Forestry.

There are 5 sleeping rooms, living room where I can watch movie and listen the music from this place. This house is located at the hill between 2 beaches.

It is Sa Mae beach on the left and it is Tian beach on the right, I must admit that the view is extremely beautiful, it costs only THB 1200 for this room.

After finished arranging my personal belonging, I then ride around the island.

On the way of riding, I find the coffee shop where is located near Nah Ban pier, you can find this shop easily by just observing many cars in front of the shop.

To go to some place easily likewise the person who is tired of the world. After I see this restaurant, it is so chic.

I do not hesitate to discover inside this shop. Once I open the door, I see many young ladies and some customers are having cake in the shop.

I ask the shop owner whether I should firstly order before taking a seat or search for the seat and order. He replies that I just need to take a seat and there will be the staff to take the order.

I have chosen outside zone, I place the bag and key on the table. Then I take the photos around the shop.

I really chill out at this shop due to its location and ambience.

I spend much time at this place to take the photo, have cake, look at the beautiful ladies and have a sip of beer at this chic place.

I do not know to explain how great it is. It is a must that you need to come and feel by yourself. I think that we can also feel great and refreshing to come to the sea even though you are not really dip your body in the sea.

I have enjoyed and indulged with the atmosphere of this restaurant for a while. It is time for me to travel to another.

I would like to ride a motorbike around the island again before stop at the point where I always come.

This is the zone for wind wheel and signal pillar on this island. I like to watch the sun from this point alone.

I sometimes feel so lonely but it is the good thing that I somehow have time to be conscious with myself.

The accommodation owner recommends me to buy some seafood to grill beside JomTian beach.

The distance from the accommodation to the beach is about 200 meters. I have an idea that it will not be fun to grill the seafood alone without any accompany. Hence, I change my plan to buy some seafood and hire other person to grill for me instead.

After spending almost 1 hour to choose seafood, I finally got 3 boxes of grilled seafood.

I continue riding and pass Maharak café, it is very crowded. All right, I decide to not go into this café.

Then, I continue riding, there is a café with beautiful light and live music. I will chill out at this place.

I have asked the owner that " Sir, I brought seafood with me, I am not sure whether I am able to sit here"

No matter whether it is allowed or not, I already open the box to eat the seafood and have a sip of Singha beer.

To enjoy the beautiful song and music from the people who stay on this island.

I really chill out and I do not want to go home.

I complete 3 bottles of Singha beer, they make me sleep very well.

The soft light has spread through the window into my room.

I am woken up by the sound of serenity, it should be all right to wake up late.

To wash my face and brush teeth. Then, I will decide of what to do and where to go today.

There is no need for rushing, I can go to some place if I prefer. If not, I can sleep.

I stop brushing and break the brush before throwing it into the sea.

After finished brushing, I change some clothes and be ready to go for a walk at the beach beside my accommodation.

I choose Sa Mae beach because it is pretty close to my place and it is only 200 meters far.

I order breakfast to boost up the energy and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere over here.

This beach is very beautiful, the water is crystal clear, it reflects the beautiful light once it is touched with sun ray.

It reflects into my eyes, the wave has slightly swashed to the beach and it brings sand to be piled up at the beach. This morning is also one of the chilled out morning.

I can now have my breakfast but I feel quite boring once I order some food here because the menu is always the same.

Time flies so fast and it is time to check out from the house.

I discover another view point near Nah Ban pier, this is also one of the highlight of this place.

It is supposed to be the view point because there are many cars over here. I stop riding and enjoy seeing some nice view.

There is no doubt why it is so crowded on Koh Larn because everything is so cheap.

The beach is so beautiful and there are many interesting activities such as catching some squids at night.

It costs THB 400 per person. For the half day tour, it costs THB 500 per person for fishing and diving.

And I would like to recommend the additional activity like Sea Walker which we can walk on the beach surface under the sea. It costs THB 500 for this activity.

I come to relax and find for the privacy, below photo will be the last photo that I leave for this review.

This is the beautiful photo of Thai sea from one island which is called "Larn" Thank you :)

Mi Palapilii

 Monday, August 3, 2015 2:03 PM