Gift voucher 2 days 1 Night tour Program for 2 people at Baan Tha Khan Thong Community, Chiang Rai

Discover the diverse traditions and local ways of life in a rural area of Thailand located just north of the famous Mae Kong River. Learn about how the people of this region have adapted from the northeastern region (Isaan) into the land of Lanna, which has resulted in a colorful hybrid culture. The community activities here focus on the spread of ways to manage homestays, as well as the integration of medical tourism by experts.
Value : 5000 THB
Amount : 3/3

Voucher Detail

2 Days 1 Night Tour Program

First Day
MorningMeet at Baan Tha Khan Thong Tourist Service Center. For an energy boost, enjoy a snack of grilled sticky rice and pumpkin with egg. Then, it’s time to enter the community spa – the perfect way to alleviate any tiredness from your journey. Have lunch, which includes local delicacies like parm pla, jaew bong, and fresh vegetables.
AfternoonChill out as you make your way through the countryside on the E-tok car, or ride a bicycle to participate in the afternoon’s activities, such as homestay management, Sacha Inchi tea making, cotton weaving, milling brown rice with a hand milling tool, and learning about medical tourism.
EveningTake a boat tour to admire the scenery along the banks of the Mae Kong River. You will also follow the trace of Suvanna Kom Dum Land. Get off the boat at On Chon Day Pier. Here, you’ll plant some seeds (that will eventually grow into trees) at the square and then participate in a local ‘Bai Sri Su Kwan’ ceremony, ‘Hae Khan Toke’, and enjoy a Khantoke dinner, including local traditional shows.
Second Day
MorningWake up with the wind from nearby Mae Kong River creating a fresh atmosphere. Have breakfast and enjoy a useful knowledge exchange activity.
Mid-morning to late morningRe-fuel with some snacks after the exchange and bon voyage.

Tour Program - Baan Tha Khan Thong

Valid until : 31 December 2019